What is the role of a data quality manager?

What is the role of a data quality manager?
November 12, 2015 Ozair Akhtar
Data Quality Manager

Data quality management is nothing else but simply a process aimed at data quality improvement. It includes all the processes of preventing the poor quality of data in your data system by eliminating the root causes of bad data. A data quality management initiative can be successful if it aligns all people, processes and technology. It is very important for every organization to build a confidence in the data which is used in the system and thus enable it to sustain a fast pace environment of growth.

Data Quality Manager

Data is one of the most critical and valuable assets to the company and that is why a data quality manager is required to deal with data quality management activities in order to ensure that the data is viable and useful for making any kind of business decisions in the organization.

What are the roles of a good data quality manager?

Data Quality Manager

A good data quality manager is supposed to perform all the activities related to manage the quality of data already there in the system as well as that coming into the system. He performs a full data quality assessment first and makes a report of the current data quality in the system. A poor data has many attributes like inconsistencies, errors, missing fields, duplicates, etc. A data quality management strategy is created by the manager once he analyses completely the current data situation in the company and then formulates a plan to handle the data quality towards improvement. He uses various concepts of business intelligence in the data quality management initiatives and executes it to effect.

Integrating of business intelligence solutions with the current data quality management processes is important to achieve perfection in data quality. BI is helpful in determining which kinds of data sets are used mostly in the organization and what affects the quality of the data most. By taking the help of BI methodology it is possible to quickly perform the processes of data quality management.

Data governance stewardship is the most important thing expected from a good data quality manager. He should take ownership of all data governing roles and the management initiatives of data quality in every part of the organization. Whatever the issues regarding data quality arise or are already present, the manager should handle and govern them very effectively.

Motivating people in the organization towards data quality is another role performed by a good data quality manager. If each and every employee responsible in handling the data in the organization is aware of the data quality issues and takes step to ensure the maintenance of data quality attributes, then it is very easy to manage a good level of data quality in the organization. A manager can take steps in motivating the employees for taking care of the quality of data and handling it according to the rules set as data standards.

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