Pokemon Game Review

Pokemon Game Review
March 6, 2019 Simon Morris
Simon Morris
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Pokemon themed games have been a major part of the gaming industry. Pokemon games have their own unique audiences and set of players. It is a series of games that were developed by Game Freak which was first released in 1996. Pokemon Games were published by Nintendo which later resulted in Pokemon media franchise.

The game has core series i.e., set of core games which are referred to mainline or main series by many fans is the series where the standard model of the game is followed. It depicts players journey through various regions, where players catch, train and raise their Pokemon, battle other trainers and gym leaders to earn recognition by winning badges and ultimately emerging as the strongest Trainer. Except for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Let’s Go, Pikachu! which can be played on Nintendo Switch all other game series can only be played on handheld systems.

In best Pokemon Games, there have been eight generations of games that have been released until now. When a new generation of the core series game begins, a couple of games are released which follow the same storyline as the previous one. The only difference being Pokemon that is available and some other minor elements of the game.

Along with video games we need to ensure there has to some physical activity and again nothing is better than games. Games has lots of importance in student life.

The Pokemon franchise is successful because it is truly an excellent game. The game is based on the simple storyline, but the incentive of adding a new pokemon to your collection is strong enough to keep you going till the end. The game is very easy to grasp and play, and yet tempting and challenging at the same time. These are classic role-playing games that have shown upward progress in many sectors since their commencement in 1996. With the advancement of technology, graphics have been highly developed and changed from outlined Pokemon graphics to modern day outline fewer graphics in recently released Gen 9 Pokemon game trailers. The games evolved with additional features, abilities for players and their pokemons accompanied with wifi and graphics updates and enhanced animations.

In between game releases, you can expect a few spin-offs here and there accompanied with sequels. If you want to rank games in accordance to their excellence, you will have the following list-

  • Generation IV– It came with enhanced visuals, a new set of Pokemons and touchscreen controls.
  • Generation VII– The game didn’t entrust players with the pleasure of getting lost in spite of improved life quality of and added powers of Pokemon.
  • Generation I– It was the foundation of the game series and still playable in its original form.
  • Generation III– This series utilized advanced Gameboy Software to make it most colorful of all series. It knew when to support and leave players alone to the devices to wander off.
  • Generation V- With the important visual upgrade, wifi-trading and awesome soundtrack it raised the bar.
  • Generation VI– With new 3D visuals accompanied by wifi chops and interactive gameplay system, it enthralled players with the new world.
  • Generation II– It came with more mystical storyline along with Pokemon Gear System and added a flick of animation.

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