Drupal vs WordPress Compared – Pros and Cons

Drupal vs WordPress Compared – Pros and Cons
November 28, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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If you are intending to start a blogging platform the first step in your agenda would be to select a good, affordable and easy to setup and use Content Management System (CMS). This CMS should support blogging and also ensure that you are able to post your blogs without any undue issues, interferences of other adverse problems.

Blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon and is growing in leaps and bounds all over the world without let or hindrance. You too could start a blog post and convey some of your ideas for the world to read what you have to say. It could propel you into a new dimension on the internet and if done right and you build up a substantial following the sky could be the limit for you.

To make a long story short we select two of the most popular Content Management Systems which are presently being proliferated among the public domain and are also quite active with many using these platforms to pursue their blogging endeavors. Once you get bitten by the blogging virus you could be quite active on your platform and for that you would need a conveniently usable CMS which should be user friendly as far as you are concerned.

In that context two CMS platforms DRUPAL and WORDPRESS would stand out and we take a look at both and compare it for you so that you could make your decision prudently and select one of the two. Having perused through the two we have compiled some tips which you would be able to consider and take the appropriate decision. Both of them allow us to use their CMS software to manage our blogging website. This allows us easy access to a website which already exists which would otherwise require us to build our own which could be quite a complicated, arduous and costly task.

As in anything around us both have an element of advantages and disadvantages hence it would be your prerogative to weigh the pros and the cons and decide on which CMS you would like to pitch your tent and start on your blogging endeavor. So if you are contemplating on starting a blog it would be prudent to first compare Drupal vs WordPress and then make your pick from either of the two.


This is a more advanced website development platform that is suited and directed to those bloggers and others with a more professional outlook and who has some experience in this field of activity. The issues with Drupal could be more complicated and if you are a new comer to blogging it would be best that you consider all the facts before you and then make a prudent decision as to what would interest you in Drupal that you would like to seriously consider it.

There are more features that you could use and employ for various aspects of your blogging endeavors like customizing your dashboard view, add content, adjust the side structure, customize the appearance and also manage people among many other advantages that you could use it for.

Drupal is more user friendly if you are versatile in handling such complicated operations but said that it has a host of very advanced operational features too. It would take some time to get a hang of it and once you could master Drupal it would be a very interesting CMS to use.


  • For advanced users
  • Many superlative features
  • Dashboard has professionalism
  • Has some overlapping features with WordPress
  • Just what every blogger would want
  • Provides many advantages that others may not boast of
  • If you are comfortable with systems this would be ideal for you


  • Complicated to use
  • Not amateur friendly
  • Takes some time to learn and operate


This is primarily a blogging platform and most bloggers prefer to be on this as it is more users friendly and has many inherent functions which are typically directed to facilitate easy blogging endeavors. This platform would also be easy for bloggers to manage their posts, themes and pages without much ado.

WordPress allows for very extensive customization when you have acquired the platform for your blogging endeavors. The layout of the screen once you have it as your CMS for blogging is quite simple and very user friendly and easy to maneuver even if you are an amateur.

The dashboard is very easy to understand and convenient to use and it has all the operational aspects very well laid out with easy to use functions. As you go on you have the ability to add features that would be advantages to you and to your blogging endeavors. As it is easy to install you could do it on your own by just following the easy to follow steps. This is the most commonly used CMS for all those bloggers out there.


  • Easy to use
  • Amateur’s choice
  • Simple to learn
  • Can set it up on your own
  • You can interact with millions
  • Has some overlapping features with Drupal
  • Could add new features
  • There are millions on this CMS and you could be one too
  • Good to express your ideas
  • Not for professionals
  • Limited functionality


  • Not for professionals
  • Limited functionality


Both Drupal and WordPress have been around for some time and are equally popular with bloggers as convenient to use Content Management Systems. If you are really trying to figure out which would be the best platform for you then you would need to read through the above Drupal vs WordPress comparison which would provide you the relevant impetus to make a prudent decision.

Your blogging endeavor should get off to a good start hence selecting the right partner CMS would be the first thing you should be doing and doing that right is imperative. You could join millions around the world whichever CMS that you would choose hence being proactive of these platforms would be the best way to proceed if you are a lover of blogging.

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