3 best Android Emulators for run android app in PC

3 best Android Emulators for run android app in PC
November 21, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Emulators are the softwares that allow pc users to run a parallel android smartphone on the system. Emulators are available for almost all the platforms (OS) of PC. Dozens of Android emulators and iOS emulators are there on the internet. But the question arises is which emulators should we use?. To avoid this confusion for the users who want an Android emulator for the PC, we have created a list of best Android Emulators for PC.

But before proceeding for Emulators you must note that using emulators will slow down your PC.  But as mentioned above, you can use an Android Device on your PC. Using that Emulators, you can play all the android games and even can enjoy WhatsApp on your PC. Thus, let’s begin with our list.

Best Android Emulators for PC


MEmu is an Android 6.0 (marshmallow) based emulators thus, it offers all the latest apps a platform to get installed. However, many of the emulators run on KitKat and as a result, very few apps can be installed on them but on MEmu you can download any app you want. MEmu is compatible with both Intel and AMD chipsets.

The very first impression of MEmu will be like using a jelly bean version but this emulator is easily upgradable to lollipop. Apart from this, MEmu is a free emulator for PC.


AMIDuOS is a paid emulator with spending 10$ for this emulator won’t be a bad investment. AMIDous comes in two different version of Android, the first one is version 4.0 I.e. Jellybean whereas another version is 6.0 I.e. Marshmallow. This emulator is a perfect option for office and personal use. You can’t play high ends Android Games but you can play some average games. While downloading AMIDuOS you have to download additional files in order to use the emulators to its 100%. If you want to give it a try then you can activate the trial period for 30 days and can pay if you want to continue the usage.


Leapdroid is among the most reliable emulators for PC but it is not very popular because it runs on Android KitKat version. LeapDroid is now owned by Google, thus you can imagine the features and speed offered by LeapDroid emulator. Recently Google gave a statement that they will release a new Android version for this Emulator and after that upgrade, LeapDroid will be a stunning revolution in the field of Android emulator in PC. Although in the older version too, you can enjoy Clash of Clan and Pokémon games. You can give it a try to LeapDroid if you want a decent emulator.

So, this was a list of best Android Emulators for PC. All the android emulators have a common feature that you can install Apk directly through your system. Thus, you can install the apps that aren’t there on Play Store. Apart from this, it supports all the keyboard gestures and mouse. Though you can play games like PUBG and other games using your system’s keyboard and Mouse.

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