Amazing Features of 9Apps

Amazing Features of 9Apps
September 4, 2019 Kristen Smith
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All mobile users are aware of the Google Play Store but very few of them know that Google Play Store is not the one place from where we can install the Mobile-based applications. There are many other Android Markets from where applications can be installed and a lot of times premium apps (paid apps)on play store are available for free on the substitute markets.

9apps  is one such android market which gives a stiff competition to Google play store, same apps are available and also with improved features and free in-app purchases. The thing which makes 9APPS more popular in India is that this app store lets users install the paid apps for free.

Features of 9apps application are as follows:

  • The file size of this application is just 3.7 MB which makes it very light weighted app which assures minimal technical glitches or clashes.
  • The app includes different categories which make it advantageous for its users to select the particular category from which they want to install the application.
  • The app has established strict regulations to oppose harmful content, which makes users tension free about the low-speed problem because of viruses.
  • The app contains a huge no. of ringtones and wallpapers, users can download any no. of these ringtones and wallpapers for free of cost.
  • The feature which makes this android product different from the others is, it provides users with apk files for downloading, which other android markets lack.
  • Other than English, this app is available in about 14 other languages, which is the most notable feature of this app.
  • Being a third party application, it assures to provide the applications only from the trusted sources.
  • The issues regarding safety and security are solved in this app, as apps are uploaded in the mobile store only after conducting the various safety and security tests.
  • To meet all the user needs, the app store has thousands of apps falling in discrete categories and sub-categories which help users to install apps of their choices.
  • Users are provided with a wide range of filters which makes it easy for them to search apps of their choice. This feature does wonder when user is not able to choose the app or when he/she does not know the name of the app.
  • Due to its advanced technology, users are offered with quicker and faster experience while installing the apps and enjoying other services.
  • The app is compatible with all the android devices which are running on android or higher version. The lower android versions may find some compatibility issues.
  • Being a third party android market and the biggest competitor of Google Play Store, 9apps is not available on the Google play store. It can be downloaded only from its official website.

A wide range and varieties of apps related to entertainment, education, news, lifestyle, social networking, etc.providing wide range of features are available on 9apps, just download this 9apps application and have a wonderful experience.

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