3 Practical tips to Gain Followers on Instagram

3 Practical tips to Gain Followers on Instagram
January 30, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the largest photography social media channels in the world. However, your pictures will only get the attention of a few real followers without some basic tips. You have to accrue several followers which has some connections to your job and will like to see your future images to spread your work further.

For instance, if your job has to do with photography, your number of followers can have a direct influence on your revenue since a high number of followers implies more credibility and account is Pictures. Hence, every picture you will upload should be appealing and inviting, so that it can catch the attention of the viewers. To achieve this, the image has to be of high quality, and if you are a photographer, it is an added advantage to show your most excellent work in order to be successful. From time to time, you should also try to reveal photographs which you find quite significant such as your updates or behind-the-scene pictures.

Remember that it is more advisable to use a story-oriented picture when sharing about your life. Also, another truth is that images which require some time to think about to understand are usually neglected for the “beautiful” ones which are apparently amazing at first glance.

Hence, first and foremost, ensure that your picture is unique and exciting to gain more followers. Take note that you are fighting for relevance among close to 800 million users; so it is of an essence to stay outstanding rather than between the crowds. Also, concentrate on improving your shot’s quality as a photographer and lets your portfolio speaks volume.

•    Consistency

Without a doubt, Instagram is increasing significantly; an average Instagram user has close to one thousand “followings.” For this reason, as a photographer, if you fail to be consistent with your post before you know it, you will be far left behind, and others will gain your spot.

Hence, to stay relevant in this social media society and continuously exist in the mind of your clients, it is pertinent to post pictures on a regular basis. A reliable method is uploading one photo per day. However, if you someone with a hectic schedule, and it is tedious to get a higher quality of your feed, still, it is essential to upload at least once per week or else, Instagram algorithm will consider you as a less active user, and the more likely for you to generate less number of followers.

Apart from posting pictures consistently, the style of your photos must also be regular. Because, once a user follows you, the meaning is that he/she loves your current style of image and would love to see more of the same style. Performing experimentation on different styles at different times such as switching from monochrome to color, or between genres will make people lose interest in your page. Again, remember that they followed you to see more of the same image they saw at the first time. Hence, if gaining followers is your priority, then be consistent with not only daily upload but also your style and avoid excessive experimentation.

•    Engagement

To thrive on a social media account, you have to be sociable. Even if you possess the best images on your account, you could fall just like the second Vivian Maier if you choose not to engage others. You need to show up on other people’s feed to entice people to yours. You should engage other photographers by liking, commenting or following their account.

Ensure that before you follow another account, make sure that you have some pictures on your page too. Not many will choose to follow a person without an existing presence. Take note that the higher you engaged others, the higher you will be seen.

By using a high-quality image, the majority of your guests are more likely to follow and engage your future post too.

We are convinced that if you can combine the listed tips with patience and hard work, your Instagram account will gain followers in numbers you never imagined.

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