Work Smart – 6 Ways To Be More Productive In The Office

Work Smart – 6 Ways To Be More Productive In The Office
July 17, 2014 Romeo

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are always chasing the clock at work? The huge number of scheduled meetings and emails in the inbox makes you feel restless. There is no time to even look at the emails. By the end of the day you find that you really haven’t progressed much. There is absolutely nothing to show for the ‘hours of hard labor’ that you have put in from the morning. Frankly speaking, nothing is more irritating than having an unproductive day at the office. It is hard to believe that one can easily waste a large amount of time even in an office environment.

Work smarter in the office

Not many people understand that it does not matter how many hours you put in if you do not have the results to show for at the end of the day. A lot of people exhibit a ‘do not care attitude’ which is harmful for their careers. They just want to show that they are busy and work long hours with no positive result in sight.

But when your mindset changes to a result oriented one then the world around you begins to change. You will have more time in hand to concentrate on other important things and this fetches better results. Here are top 6 ways in which you can be more productive at the office.

1. Prioritize
One should only limit his focus to a maximum of 3 – 4 priorities per day. This basically means you need to ignore all other things on the list till the next day. When you see a rather long list of ‘to do’ items then you tend to feel a bit overwhelmed and then you tend to lose the focus to concentrate on any one thing. This is the time when procrastination takes over. So just sit back and concentrate on the 3 “must do” things only.

2. Take control of the emails
One should limit the time which is spent on replying to emails. Just because you have received 10 emails doesn’t mean that there is pressure on you to reply to all those emails at one go. The world will not crumble if the reply to an email gets delayed by a couple of hours.

3. Insist on a proper agenda for all meetings
Many meetings exceed the allotted time as there has been no structure. You must insist that all people attending the meeting should give the agenda before the meeting so that it becomes clear what needs to be discussed in the meeting. This will force the concerned person/s to do a lot of work before the actual meeting and thereby reduce any time wasted during the actual meeting.

4. Stay fully organized
The desk should be fully free from clutter and everything you need must be in ‘easy to find’ places. If any of the important office machines like your computer or copier machine stops working; there is no need to feel stressed out. Have the numbers of the responsible repair service always at hand and give them a call. You need to print an important sheet but the office printer run out of ink? You don`t have to rush out to buy printer ink and waste your precious working time, as today you have the luxury of ordering office supplies over the internet. There are a number of online stores where you can find office supply like cartridges and toner for Xerox (the most used printer/copier brand among offices) and just order them directly to your office.

5. All meetings should be of 20 minutes
It is true that meetings can be a big time waster, if not planned properly. There seems to be an unwritten law that all meetings should last for, at least, an hour. But there is no specific reason to this thought. How can each and every meeting extend or get over by an hour? So the best course of action is to limit the time for every meeting to 20 minutes only. The best way to ensure this is to hold stand-up meetings as people tend to put across their points much quicker than when they are allowed to lounge around a large table that you usually find in board rooms. Did you know that meetings can be a productivity killer as well? – as stated in the article on LinkedIn from Ilya Pozin. Another reason to make them as short as possible.

6. Always finish off the crucial things first
Never ever start you day with the easiest of all tasks. It is better to begin with the hardest or the most difficult of all tasks. That is the only way you can get those tasks done. When you leave the hardest task for the last minute then you will eventually not get the time and it will never get done on that particular day. So when you tackle the hardest job first, you know it will be done under any circumstances.

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