Top 7 Strategies For Increasing Employee Productivity

Top 7 Strategies For Increasing Employee Productivity
May 23, 2017 Leaders Hub
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The fact cannot be denied that employees have to prove themselves and they have to be at their best to produce rewarding results while they are in the office. Owing to this, companies and organisations are constantly on a lookout for new ways to make their employees productive all year around.

Experiencing dips in employee’s performance is understandable and there are a couple of reasons responsible for it including – organisational gaffes, stress, and personal issues. However, here the role of a manager is very crucial in helping the employees get their groove back and achieve the set target.

If you are looking to get the best out of your employees, you can use certain measures that can help boost their productivity. So, here are top 7 strategies you can use to increase the productivity of your employees.


Set Realistic Goals 

There is no doubt that goal setting does play a pivotal role in attaining the productivity of the employees at work. When we talk about realistic goals, they are not determined as per their complexity, instead, they should be assigned on the basis of priority and they should be time-bound as well.

The stress here is not to have a culture where the employees should be made just to achieve the targets and complete the tasks assigned to them, but they should have a sound comprehension of where their responsibilities start and end, so that they can focus.


Have A Reward System

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There is a common cliché employee believe in and that is the reward of hard work is more hard work. But, ideally, more than work is required by the employees in order to stay on the top of their game. A small gift can make a lot of difference for your employees.

The gift does not justify the monetary value attached to the gift, but all the emotions that their efforts don’t go waste and they are being well-appreciated. Various other ways of rewarding your employees include – training prospects, thank you notes, free valuable services, and recognition awards, etc.


Empower Your Employees

It has been felt that the employees really feel special when they are being empowered. In fact, a lot of employees have even accepted a lack of empowerment as the key reason for deserting their jobs.

Usually, empowering your employees comprise of offering them training so that they can work independently without being managed by some manager or team leader, acknowledge their contributions, and inspiring them for new challenges. Having this kind of atmosphere in your office will help the employees to stay more focused on their work and obviously become more productive.


Have The Right Tools

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Let me explain this point by quoting the example of one of the leading e-commerce portals – Amazon. Have you ever thought how laborious it would be if the employees of Amazon have to track the inventory manually, considering the fact that they receive millions of orders on a daily basis? They are only able to do it as they have some of the best and advanced gadgets.

That is what I am trying to say here, no matter how hard working your employees are, they still need the right tools in order to complement the efforts they make. When you provide them with the right tools, you are actually simplifying their tasks, their efficiency, and also they will be able to produce desired results.


Let There Be Fun At Work

Now, most of the companies have realized that with a bit of fun at the workplace can really help in boosting the performance levels of the employees. An ideal workplace can be defined as a place where the employees feel excited and enthusiastic to come to work every morning.

There are few things you can guide your employees to follow while they are working –

  • Guide them to take few minutes off, on a daily basis, to leave their seats and walk around. It can be going to one of your colleagues sitting couple of cubicles away from you.
  • Allow your employees to decorate their cubicles, trust me this one is fun. You can also keep a small reward, just to make the things more interesting and engaging.
  • Having a separate gaming area, just like a smoking area, will keep the employees motivated and refreshed. Have a pool table, encourage your employees to take some time out and play pool in their breaks. Employees can also help their colleagues in learning how to play pool.


Employees Have Lives Outside The Workplace

Always remember that your employees are also human beings. They do have a social life outside the workplace and social life should always take precedence over work. There might be a single mother or a college student, in your office, who may have their finals that he/she must complete to graduate. Make sure you respect and understand when life happens to your employees, I am sure you will have many productive and efficient employees.


Make Your Word The Final Say

Yes, opinions and suggestions have their own significance, but the final say should always come from the superiors. When you value the suggestions before taking a final decision, put forward by your employees, really make them feel that they are a part of the team and it also generates a sense of contribution towards the company. The more you employees feel that their voice is being heard, the more they will be dedicated towards the cause of the company.


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