The Promising Future of Investing in Employee Training

The Promising Future of Investing in Employee Training
February 19, 2016 Anne Sampson

Every business owner wants employees who are really engaged with their company because only as such they can support the growth and innovation that same company strives for.

Today’s workforce (and especially millennials) are interested in something more than just a paycheck, and that something are new skills with which they can really contribute to the company they work at. The lack of training and skills development seems to be one of the top reasons for moving on and seeking other jobs. Also, investing in staff training can cost you less than finding a replacement for an unsatisfied employee.    

Perks of employee training

Next to helping employees define their career goals, is investing in their professional development which leads to company’s growth and even profit.

With quality training your employees become experts, and since they represent your company, they are the ones that build a positive reputation.

Training can impact company culture as well – one of the things that matter the most when it comes to employees’ retention and loyalty. Employees that are aligned with company culture are the ones that bring passion to work.

Satisfied and skillful employees can provide customers with positive experiences and build strong and lasting customer relationships.

Enhancing morale

When given the opportunity to grow by learning new skills, people tend to feel more confident in how much they can accomplish. Empowered with knowledge, good employees are also more likely be seeking new challenges  within the company. An opportunity to grow also attracts seasonal workers to return and find more ways to contribute. On the contrary, when employees stick to the same pattern of tasks, without an opportunity to grow they fall into stagnation, and are more likely to be seeking for new companies to work at.  

Critical thinking and faster problem-solving

Now, we know what today’s fast moving business environment is and how much pressure can constant competing cause. Successful companies know that the key to staying in the game is having skillful professionals on the team.

Trained professionals who are capable of fast thinking and problem-solving are also more often capable for quick development of new strategies and ideas.     

For example, to develop those problem-solving skills, consider giving them opportunities to learn conflict management techniques, as part of their training. Needless to say, this is the opportunity for you to model the skills and techniques you want them to learn, such as customer service, being competent in sales and administration.

In the end challenging employees from all sectors and provoking them to develop new strategies, benefits your customers as well as your bottom line.   

How much time does it take

Depends on the form of the training you opt for. Mentorship programs and traditional in-person seminars and training can take more time and investment (finding the tutor, organizing training space, covering commute expenses…). If you find that to be complicated, you can take advantage of latest technology and create an online eLearning course. eLearning tools offer an abundance of possibilities for employee training: they make learning content easily accessible and personalized, provide employees with flexibility since they can learn from wherever suits them best and at their own pace.

With eLearning, it’s also possible to remove the fear of failure – when evaluating their knowledge in a private environment, without the feeling of being judged, employees are more likely to move a bit further and absorb knowledge more effectively.

Using software for training enables tracking of employee progress, and overview of training effectiveness.

eLearning is also a great solution if your company has workers around the globe. Whichever form of training you choose, keep in mind you’ll benefit from it.  


Whether they are big, mid-sized or small, successful companies know that learning and professional development make business sense, keep it alive and that they should start from day one.  

Training programs are short-term costs but they ensure retaining productive and skillful workers who will drive business success and that’s a long-term investment.

Stay committed, never stop learning and upgrading and you’re on the right track to remain on the leading edge of your industry!

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