The Most Common Reasons Why Employees Aren’t As Productive As They Can Be At Work

The Most Common Reasons Why Employees Aren’t As Productive As They Can Be At Work
April 10, 2014 Anita Ginsburg


Most employees want to make a good impression. When management is nearby, or when they know they are being watched, employees will spring into action and engage in work they are being paid to do. Employees and managers alike, however, know that sometimes employees have a difficult time staying focused and energized enough to get the job done. Find out if any of these common reasons are hurting your employees’ motivation:

Management Conflicts

One reason employees may be less productive is because of they management style. Managers who are brusque, overly critical and overly controlling can push employees in the opposite direction. Instead of spending their creativity and energy on delivering better work, employees who resent their manager will spend their time and energy feeling resentment. If you have a manager with an aggressive approach, and you notice productivity slipping, talk to the manager. Encourage him or her to try a gentler approach and establish better rapport with the workforce.

Personal Conflicts

Arguments and disagreements at home can lead to lower productivity at the office. Sometimes, employees’ relationships at home suffer due to their work schedules. Inflexible hours or weekend hours, for example, may burden spouses who are then left to handle childcare alone. Ask your employees if they need a little flexibility. If you can provide it without hurting your operations, flexible schedules are a great way to build loyalty and commitment in your employees. This will help ensure that when they come to work, that is what they will be focused on.

Stuffy Atmosphere

We’ve all been in a meeting that seems to never end. Most likely, our lack of attention and tiredness is due to excessive heat. Working in an office that is too hot is the same as sitting in a meeting room that is too hot. Employees have a harder time paying attention and focusing when office temperatures are too high, says professionals at Southtown Heating & Cooling HVAC. If the air conditioner breaks, fix it immediately. Subjecting employees to an uncomfortable work environment is sure to hurt productivity.

Insufficient Sleep

Are your employees working too hard? Productivity can be hurt by a simple lack of sleep. If your organization is deadline heavy, try to break up the workload. Anticipate new orders, and plan for evenly distributed work hours so that your professionals don’t get hit. Tired employees are always less productive than fully rested employees.

Sugary Snacks

Your managers may think it’s fun to dole out treats at work, but sugary and carbo-rich snacks can lead to glucosamine crashes, killing worker productivity. Try offering fruits and vegetables along with sugar free beverages to keep the office more attentive and healthy.

Lack of Exercise

Sometimes employees simply need to get up and move to keep their focus. Long hours in front of a computer, long hours on the same chair and in the same position can lead to fatigue. Encourage your employees to walk during breaks. Have them stand up if they are on the phone. Make it easy for them to get up and get the fog out.

Some workplace environment problems are easy to fix. The office temperature and the quality of snacks are easy-to-fix problems. Human interactions, of course, may prove more difficult to mediate. Whatever the reason for your employees’ lack in productivity, look into it. The steps you take can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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