Technology To Improve Productivity At The Work Place

Technology To Improve Productivity At The Work Place
June 18, 2014 Chris Tomlinson

According to a research report published by O2 Business and Centre for Economics and Business, digital technology has alone helped increase office workforce productivity by 84% over the last 40 years. The study further suggests that information and communication technology has resulted in a per-hour productivity growth of 480% since 1972.

With the advent of internet and the transformation of all communication online, the dramatic rise in productivity at the workplace is not something unexpected. However, one of the key aspects of this change is the way technology has democratized the availability of productivity tools. Consider this : until a decade or two back, enterprise resource planning tools were solely deployed by large enterprises. Today, with cloud technology, ERP tools are available at extremely affordable prices even for small and medium sized businesses.

What this also means is that businesses that do not take technology seriously stand the risk of losing out to smaller competitors who embrace it. As a result, it is extremely vital for business owners to identify bottlenecks in their organization and ensure that these bottlenecks are resolved using technology. Here are some areas that a business owner must primarily look at.

Using Dedicated Software Applications For Tasks

A lot of businesses use generic tools like MS Office for important tasks, including managing financial transactions data, sales reports, etc. While this is not exactly wrong, one must remember the added benefits that using dedicated software applications bring. For instance, a free financial accounting system like Wave Apps is likely to offer tools like automatic bank account integration and invoice generation applications that bring much higher productivity to the workplace compared to simply using an MS Excel document.

Improving Networking Speed

Slow internet is one of the largest productivity sinks at the workplace. With majority of modern-day work tasks tied to the availability of the internet, the slowness of it is a major dampener to ensuring high employee productivity. It is common for small and medium businesses to pick a high speed internet connection on the basis of speed and price alone, without testing its reliability. It’s important to instead focus on reliability and pick a provider who offers guaranteed up-time availability.

Integrated Phone Line Systems

It is common to use multiple communication channels – like phone calls, VoIP calls and voice chats at workplace. Depending on the target, employees regularly pick the communication channel. This is a productivity hurdle since it requires the caller to constantly juggle the various platforms. Instead, it is advisable for businesses, at least the larger ones to replace their systems with a business phone that offers features like direct inward dialing and minimal call throttling to ensure callers are able to reach out to their targets faster and with minimal platform shift.

There are ultimately three reasons productivity is hindered at the workplace – wrong software, wrong tools and old products. By updating these, businesses can ensure they own the right tools for the right purpose. This way, any lag in achieving a task can be minimized hence maximizing productivity among workers.

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