Spring clean your office and increase productivity

Spring clean your office and increase productivity
January 17, 2019 Liam Smith
Liam Smith
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The increase of productivity has been a popular topic in business since the dawn of time. With technological advances, this goal has become more attainable. Still, we can’t neglect the old tried and true methods of increasing productivity. One of them is definitely a good old fashioned spring cleaning. The psychological effects of a clean environment are unsurpassed by any technological advancement. Australians have figured out the link between productivity and cleaning, and luckily, they’re willing to share their secrets.

1. Improving mental health

When you’re nurturing healthy and stable habits, you’re also nurturing the mental health of your employees. Cleaning can be a wonderful way to do this. Aside from clearing the physical premises of the workspace, your focus should also be on the digital clutter. In fact, in today’s world, this step might be an even more important step when it comes to cleaning.

A de-cluttered email and an organized desktop also de-clutter the mind. This simple trick will make your employees feel more refreshed and will surely aid in increasing productivity. It’s simple, they’ll feel like they’ve got more room for new information and will be more motivated to succeed.

2. Creating a proud workforce

Cleaning has the utmost power to motivate your employees and give them more confidence. With regular office maintenance, they’ll be proud to say they work for you. This is why you shouldn’t stop at just spring cleaning. Keep it up all year round.

Having a proud workforce is extremely beneficial for the overall productivity. It simply makes your team feel like they owe it something to the firm to give it their best shot. Regular upkeeping makes them feel loved, protected and cared for. Who wouldn’t be proud to work for a company that takes cleaning seriously?

3. Impressing clients

Walk into any modern and successful office in Australia and the first thing you’ll notice is that the place looks spotless. This naturally leaves you impressed and makes you feel like you can trust the place. If a company is that devoted to being clean, they must take even the most frivolous issues seriously.

Use the same method for your own office. A clean and spotless environment will surely bring in more business, as they’ll have the same thought about how professional and trustworthy your company must be. With more business, there’s more work to be done. This leads your employees to jump to the challenge and give it their best, as they’ll be chasing that adrenaline high we get from success.

4. Focusing better


Just like at home, you’re bound to accumulate unnecessary things around the office. Be it tacky decoration you’ve been gifted by partners and clients, the personal belongings of your employees, or the numerous office papers flying around- your office is bound to feel stuffed and cluttered.

No one can work in an environment like this. Your spring cleaning should definitely entail the services of Man and His Van from Sydney, or of any other similar company. They’ll help you get rid of the old furniture and clear the overcrowded space by moving your belongings to a safe location of your choosing. This way, you’ll still have those items handy if need be, but they won’t suffocate your employees or you on daily basis. This will help the whole team focus better and nail all their assignments.

5. Getting rid of disease

An unclean environment is like Christmas to various bacteria and viruses. They spread easily and get your workforce sick. This leaves you with half of your team on sick leave, and naturally, the productivity suffers.

Opt for a deep spring cleaning and wipe down every surface, vacuum every nook and cranny, and don’t leave a speck of dust visible in the air. Not only will this provide a clean environment anyone would be happy to work in, but it will also prompt a feeling of safety. When employees feel safe, they’re naturally more confident and motivated to get on with work. In turn, the productivity skyrockets.


As you can see, being in a clean and uncluttered environment can only bring positive vibes to your office. Soon, you can be the biggest and most productive office in Sydney, or Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter. Leave your competition wondering how you do it and how your employees are always on the top of their game. Spring cleaning may just be your secret weapon to launch you to the big leagues.

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