Six Ways You Can Keep Your Employees Happy At Work Without Spending Extra Money

Six Ways You Can Keep Your Employees Happy At Work Without Spending Extra Money
March 12, 2014 Anita Ginsburg


Keeping your employees happy can improve production in the office and keep employees wanting to do their best for the company. However, it isn’t always easy to keep workers happy without spending too much money to do so. Here are some ways to keep people happy without spending more than you can afford:

Update the Break Room

When employees see that there is free food or drinks available, it creates a more social atmosphere for employees when they aren’t working. Making sure the refrigerator is clean and big enough for everyone to keep their items is important. Including a water cooler from Cooksey Culligan will not only keep your employees happy, it will promote their health as well. Many employees appreciate companies that promote health and wellness, especially in the workplace.

Give Compliments

Workers love to hear that they have done a good job, so don’t be afraid say “nice job” or thank a worker for coming in early or staying late. When employees are recognized for their hard work, they are more likely to keep working harder.

Let Employees Take Ownership

Let employees make decisions about their workspace or how a display is created. Department managers should be given autonomy to run their department however they see fit. It could help your company make more money while helping to keep workers engaged and coming up with new ideas. When employees don’t feel like their voice is heard, they will not be as productive.

Be Available to Take Input

Employees also love it when they feel as if their ideas will be heard. An employee who feels you are open to their ideas and will listen to their concerns is an employee who feels like you care. That loyalty and respect that you show will be repaid tenfold. Be open to new suggestions or even criticism to keep your employees happy.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

If you can do it, it may be a good idea to offer flexible scheduling. For some folks, simply being able to work at home may be a good compromise if the work hours have to stay the same. For workers with families and other obligations, being able to have a good work-life balance is important.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

No one likes to work hard only to be paid the same and have the same level of authority that they had five years ago. Offering the chance for employees to increase their pay or authority at work will keep them working hard and contributing to the company.

Keeping workers happy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or any money at all. By connecting with workers on a human level and offering incentives such as a promotion for hard work, you won’t have to spend any money to keep people happy and striving for more each day.

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