Office Style That Saves Space: 5 Inspiring Ways to Use Room Dividers

Office Style That Saves Space: 5 Inspiring Ways to Use Room Dividers
February 23, 2019 Liam Smith
Liam Smith
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The open concept for organizing and planning our office is all the rage these days. And there are good reasons for it. Our office can look fantastic and still be productive and convenient. There is no reason to make compromises anymore. Another thing to note, office space is getting expensive and making the most out of what we have is paramount. As our business expands so does its workforce and the space required. But that does not mean we should immediately start looking for new office space. Maximizing said space, especially in an open-office concept, is possible with office partitioning. This helps employers in offering the employees an efficient working environment. There are many options and designs for us to choose from. In this article, we will go over some of the most popular ones.

Glass partition walls

Glass can be an amazing element to add to our roster. Glazed glass can convert a single big room into several separate cubicles or whatever we want. These rooms can serve as separate spaces, reception or a private office. Combined with proper lighting which can brighten up the space, it will make work much more pleasing. A singular cubicle made of glass in a big open space can act as a separate space on its own. And it doesn’t really change the aesthetics. A half partition made of glass can allow us to achieve a balance between privacy and convenience. Sliding doors have their use too, they can be locked and can provide the same balance on a moment’s notice.

Keeping it green

Plants are often introduced to an office environment for multiple reasons. They are proven to brighten up a room and they affect mood and the general environment. So why not mix the best of both worlds? Plant screens can be seen in businesses that do not pose a hazard for them, like a chemical plant, for instance. They can be tall, thin, low, wide, curved, double-sided, and much more. Such a combination will surely provide an aesthetically pleasing and convenient element to an office.

Eco-friendly designs

Tying in nicely with our previous paragraph, an eco-friendly office with partitions and room dividers will do an excellent job at dividing a large space into smaller offices. The main objective here is to create a pleasant working environment and give workers a sense of calmness and clarity. The demands made from innovative and creative work is constantly growing. Along with those, so does the pressure put upon the employees in charge of it. To support those growing needs an eco-friendly environment provides psychological support with a sense of nature. A must have concept in whatever form it may come, for a calm and soothing working environment.

Privacy needs

Solid partitioning is the way to go if a certain room needs to be visually and audibly isolated from the rest of the environment. These are typically made from plasterboard and are supported by aluminum or steel frames. The advantage they provide over most other, more modular options is the privacy. Soundproof rooms are essential for all businesses at one point or another.

Modularity for the lean and organized

Running a huge office space with a dedicated room for any occasion is nigh impossible and certainly not feasible. Various forms of folding partitions are available to us. These are cost-effective options that make for a great choice when not working with a lot of space.  These room dividers offer a great choice of flexibility and modularity when dividing our open space concept. And the best part is that these can be deployed and put aside at a moment’s notice. Variety is the one word to describe this option. Finishes are also plentiful and available for us to choose from. Veneers, laminates, wall coverings, and fabrics galore for us to choose.

Gone are the days when our office acted as a limiting factor when it comes to available space. With so many affordable options available to us it is just the matter personal preference and aligning it with company policy. We can make the most out of our existing office space while keeping it aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and practical.

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