Maximise Business Returns Through Exhibitions

Maximise Business Returns Through Exhibitions
February 18, 2015 Andre

Exhibitions have become extremely popular recently due to the digital world taking hold. Exhibitions are the only way in which potential customers can experience your product or service through hands on demonstration. With the combination of the neutral environment of the exhibition and the fact visitors are paying to see you; this event can be extremely powerful to your business. However, in order for this event to benefit your enterprise, there are a few things which you need to ensure you do to make it the ultimate success and see a return on investment.

What are your objectives?

The only way you will achieve anything from an exhibition is if you know what you want to achieve, for example:

  • Raised brand awareness
  • Media exposure
  • An up-to-date prospect/ client data base
  • Introduce a new product or service into the market
  • Customer feedback

Train your staff

Your staff should be given an informative training class on your objectives of this exhibition – if they are unaware of what you want to achieve, the business simply will not meet its targets. You should also discuss with them what approaches work well and what doesn’t.

Improve your stand

It is absolutely vital that you ensure your display stands are fantastic and hard to escape from. This is your only way of gaining the maximum amount of attention and attracting the right kind of visitors. Also, ensure some members of staff are walking down the aisles handing out promotional leaflets, this is guaranteed to drum up some noise.

Lead generation and follow up

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of any exhibition and therefore it is essential that you follow all leads up. When you are taking information from the potential client, you should not only take contact details but also the types of products and services they are most interested in. Be sure to take notes about what excited them about your products – this will come in useful later on.

Exhibitions can be hugely beneficial to all companies due to their ability to allow for brand exposure – here you have the opportunity to demonstrate your core business beliefs and values to entice potential clients. Remember to always conduct follow up phone calls and emails to ensure that no new customers fall through the net.

Image credit: Design Conversation (Flickr)

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