How To Save On Printing Expenses In The Office Environment

How To Save On Printing Expenses In The Office Environment
May 16, 2017 Alisa M.
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Let’s be honest, office work entails lots of printing. Printers are thus commonplace in the office setup because every single project entails some form of documentation. Printing, however, is a very expensive undertaking. The price of ink has especially been soaring over the past couple of years. Paper, in general, is also quite expensive. For these reasons, printing costs can add up quite fast with every page printed if they are not controlled. While it is unavoidable to do away with paperwork in the office, there are a number of ways of cutting down the costs. Following are a few suggestions how you can save up on printing costs.

Use Printers With Separate Cartridge Slots

Most office printers come bundled with their own cartridge slots. This can make the management of such printers difficult because everything is crammed into a small space. Having separate slots has many advantages. First, the cartridges usually hold more ink. Dissemination of ink also becomes much more efficient and less spillage occurs. The efficiency that results from having separate slots ultimately saves up on printing resources.

Always Print In Draft Mode

When it comes to producing a print copy, there are many qualities that can be achieved. The default print quality usually produces a document that has average amounts of ink. The draft mode, however, produces a print that has minimum amounts of ink. Printing in draft mode uses less ink as it prints a fast copy. This fast copy is not of lesser quality and can be read easily by any person. Using the draft printing mode is thus the best way to save up on expensive ink.

Be Sure To Recycle Paper And Documents

A lot of paper can be used inefficiently on a normal office day. This is especially true when printing is only done on a single side of the paper. Having a recycling program in your office can help save a lot of resources. Most documents that have run out of use can be easily recycled under a single program. White paper, which is common in most offices, is especially easy to recycle and can drive down overall costs.

Use Cheaper Remanufactured Cartridges

Ink cartridges and toners are commonly used in office printing. They often have a short lifespan and they can be quite expensive to replace with new ones. To save on costly new cartridges, you can opt for remanufactured cartridges. There are many dealers who sell remanufactured cartridges which work just like new ones. Most such cartridges are also compatible with all kinds of printers. The best example for that would be the Orink toners. They are easy to get as they are available in most shops – online and offline.

Printing expenses are often subtle and unnoticeable on the small scale. In the long-run, however, they account for much of the total office expenses. Using printing resources efficiently is definitely a great way of saving up on office costs. With the above tips, you can make substantial savings and allocate your resources in other meaningful areas. Adopting efficient methods of printing in the office is not only great for saving money in the long run, but it is also greatly beneficial for the environment.

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