How to Make your Office a Happier Environment

How to Make your Office a Happier Environment
April 5, 2014 Andrea Hudson


No matter how small and how young your business may be, it is never a good idea to put the comfort and the happiness of your workers low on your priority list. If anything, it should be high on that list, because you can do close to nothing if your workers hate coming to their workplace and don’t like the environment and the ‘vibe’ there. This will reflect instantly on your success and on your profits. Therefore, make sure that the office makes amazing working place where people can really do their best.


You will notice that people dress up differently depending on the place they are going. That is because environment and interior décor mean a lot to people and it influence them a lot. Therefore, make sure that you have learned all the tricks and tips in order to make the space in your office more appealing to them. Make sure there is enough space, a lot of plants, always the best and the latest office supplies, lovely color pattern and impeccable hygiene. These are just to name a few. Also, choose ergonomic office furniture and offer good coffee and healthy lunch options.


People like rewards and bonuses. They love competing because it is fun and it is always something to think about. Therefore, give your employees the opportunity to win prizes, salary bonuses and free Fridays. Award them for their efficiency, team work, perfect attendance score and the like. That will inspire them to work harder and to be more productive and efficient. It will also make them feel appreciated, and that is very important to maintain the productivity of the company.


Manage your company like a team and give them a sense of belonging to this little community that is your office. This can be achieved by organizing events, celebrations, holiday parties and the like. You can have causal Friday, occasional charity organizing and the like. You can also hire professionals to perform some fun workshops that will help your employees learn more about each other. Also, some after work events as barbeques of fieldtrips are always great. This sense of community also makes people feel as a part of something greater and makes them proud of successes of that community. It is amazing to have workers who are proud of their company.


Great design is very important for your offices to look good. Organizing space is one thing, but giving it an overall well designed look is another. Make sure that a professional is taking care of the whole visual identity of your company because that will make your employees feel better and your clients recognize you without effort.

It is always better to keep an old employee and improve them in time, than to educate a new one who doesn’t really know much about your company and the way things are done there. Therefore, it is important that your employees feel good and well in their offices. Their working conditions, treatment they get and the office make good reasons for an employee to stay where they are and perform their best in order to keep their job and advance. So, always come up with some fresh ideas about how to make your office a happy place for everybody.

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