How To Achieve Your Life Goals 10 Times Faster

How To Achieve Your Life Goals 10 Times Faster
September 23, 2013 Yomi Jegede

I share the belief that everyone has dreams, something you want to become, get or create. Whatever your dreams may be, it is important that you achieve them because if you do, you will get a sense of fulfillment and you will meet what Abraham Maslow calls the highest need of man, the self actualization need. A lot of people have died with their dreams for several reasons but the most common being that they operated under the illusion that time did not permit them. I want to teach you techniques you can apply that will help you achieve your dreams more quickly than you’ve ever imagined.

Have respect for time: every person under the sun has 24 hours a day and 7 hours a week yet almost everyone complains that there is not enough time. There is truly never enough time to do everything we want but the way you spend the time available to you is what will determine whether you truly have respect for time or not. Successful men know that time is to be invested and not to be spent. There is a popular axiom that time is money, that statement has never been more profound than in this age of social media and accelerating civilization. If you respect your time, activities like playing video games, watching movies, chatting with friends and the rest will only come after you have done your most important tasks every day. Start investing your time today.

Increase your influence: nobody knew this better than Theodore Roosevelt, a man of great influence. This man knew the names of almost every staff in the White House including the stewards, what a man. If you don’t have influence, people will not follow you and you won’t have loyal friends. In Dale Carnegie’s book, how to win friends and influence people, several research was conducted which showed that being successful in life is not a function of anything but influence. You can have the highest IQ, the greatest level of experience and expertise but you cannot succeed without influence. This will explain why Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple even though Stephen Wozniak came up with the idea. This will also explain why Lionel Messi is so successful even though there are about a million players better and more skillful than himself. The faster you gain influence, the faster you move up in the ladder of life and the more your influence, the more successful you will be.

Understand the rule of 5: this rule simply states “find your goal in life and perform everyday five activities that will help you achieve that goal”. The hard part is you have to perform these activities every single day even on Christmas. If you are a writer for example, your five activities will be read, think, file, ask questions, and write. If you are a motivational speaker, you can remove write and insert speak but you have to do them every day. If I were a musician, my five activities will probably be rehearse, listen to music, make friends, write songs and sing. Look for your own five activities and perform them every day and I can see you accelerating to success.

Ignore every distraction: supposing your dream is to become the best salesperson in the world and a friend comes to you with an acting job advert, she tells you that you are a good talker and you will make a fine actor; my advice is don’t go. Spend that time looking for new clients and developing your selling skills. Once you know what you want in life, ignore every distraction and stay away from every activity that can push you away from that goal.

Learn to outsource: don’t spread yourself too thin. Learn to outsource your less important task even if it means you have to pay more money. Time is more important than money because it can be converted to money any day anytime. Look at a typical organization for example, as you get promoted, you begin to focus more on coordinating the activities of your subordinates rather than getting yourself involved in every operation and every tiny detail. Apply this to every area of your life, get someone to do your laundry, deliver your magazines/newspapers and so on. Focus on your most important tasks and delegate the less important ones.

Finally, every fool can decide to achieve their goals but no fool will actually be able to follow through on that decision. Determine to practice these tips today and discipline your body and mind so that you can look back one day and sigh “oh, what a successful journey”.

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  1. Adley 6 years ago


    Very nice tips! I work at a 9 to 5 but its so boring. I went to school to get this job and after working here a year, it’s not really fun or entertaining. I’ve been looking for alternatives way to make money and started selling on eBay 6 months ago. Every month I make more money and in time I hope to maybe start doing it full-time. I need to do what you said “understand the rule of 5” to help grow my eBay business. These tips were very enlightening!

    Great work.

    • Author
      Abayomi Jegede 6 years ago

      Thanks Adley,
      “The rule of 5” is so important for everyone no matter what you do. It literally transformed my thinking and of course, my life. I really wish everyone can know this.
      Wish you the best in your eBay business too.

  2. Kennedy Otieno 6 years ago

    Oh that fabulous tips has enlightened me being flamboyant guy who can face the reality of the world and to make my dreams come true… Thank you so much…!

    • Author
      Abayomi Jegede 6 years ago

      Thanks Kennedy,
      I hope you achieve all your life goals and fulfill your destiny!

  3. oluwaseun 5 years ago

    These tips are amazing.they av given my shalowed brain a huge orientation.thanks Ayobami

    • Author
      Abayomi Jegede 5 years ago

      Thanks for the compliments Seun! I hope you use these tips to transform your life and achieve your goals

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