Everything You Need To Know About Employee Recognition Programs

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Recognition Programs
March 8, 2019 Eada Hudes
In Productivity

The human tendency of feeling happy and motivated when someone appreciates your efforts is the foundation of employee recognition programs and the reason why companies that prioritise performance and employee well-being should use them.

Using employee recognition programs is a great way to show appreciation to your employees for their determination and incredible efforts and will encourage them to continue their amazing work. These programs can also be utilised to instil a competitive feeling among your employees to ensure improvement within the organisation.

The two most important reasons to implement employee recognition programs are:

  1. Showing your employees that you value their efforts and reward them for the same.
  2. Encouraging all your employees to improve their work and help your organisation achieve its goals and objectives.

These reasons are enough to justify the investment of time and money in such programs because when your employees are motivated and happy to work for your organisation, your business will thrive.

Several studies have proven that happiness and productivity are directly proportional to each other, i.e. when an employee is happy and motivated, he/she will work more efficiently and achieve his/her targets faster than others.

Similarly, if your organisation is able to achieve its goals and objectives within strict deadlines, then you can target your resources elsewhere and expand your business. The expansion will lead to higher profits, giving all the more reason to invest the company’s money in employee recognition programs.

Digital recognition programs such as Xtend have streamlined the entire process of employee recognition programs.

An employee recognition program can be challenging to create, as it requires significant time and effort. Accurate performance evaluation is the first step of an employee recognition program; rewarding them comes at a later stage.

Xtend is easy to use. You determine the behaviours you want to recognise and reward through the creation of Awards. You can decide how employees are measured and the number of Reward points you assign to them.

If you’re looking to drive your core values you can create participative competitions that help shape your culture.

You can create awards for things like employee of the month and team of the quarter. And, these are collected through the intelligent nomination form. The choice and creation of awards are yours to determine.

Failing to reward your employees or to recognise their efforts will slowly push your business into the ground because an unhappy and unappreciated employee will not be motivated to help your business to reach desirable heights.

Now that you are aware of the need and benefits of an employee recognition program, step up and incorporate the ideas described above in your organisation to significantly enhance your work culture.

Appreciate your employees whenever, wherever you can!

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