ECommerce Stores Should Be Sending These Automated Emails

ECommerce Stores Should Be Sending These Automated Emails
September 6, 2016 Amir Noghani

One of your biggest friends, when you have an ECommerce store, is email. Emails are like gold and in some nerdy way a moneymaking system.

Having an email list is an asset and a way to market to customers over and again. It does not cost you an arm or a leg and takes little to uphold when sending them.

If you compare it to SEO, SEM, paid search, social media it is far cheaper and building your list is the mantra of your store. As important as your list is it is important what type of emails you send out. If you are one, of those hitting the send button on generic campaign emails STOP – instead let automated emails start working for you.

Yes, rather than sending all on your list the available offers use automation to target and personalise your mail.

Automated Mail

Start sending out emails based on the actions of your clients according to what they did or did not do in your store. This is a powerful way to drive stronger revenue when sending those emails. Stay a while, read on, and see how what types of automated e-commerce emails you should be sending.

Abandoning of the Shopping Cart

More than 85% of clients who abandon their transaction at the cart never return. As you can see this is a huge missed opportunity. These clients have browsed your site, liked what they wanted to buy, and only made it as far as the checkout.

Therefore, what are other smart stores doing about this to keep their consumers? They are capturing their clients with an early checkout email. If they abandon the store, you can send them an automated email that follows up on the order.

The first step is to ask your client for their email address when checking out as this allows you to know who the potential client was. After one hour, you can send them an email or 24 hours the bounce.

Key points you can illustrate in your email:

  • In the subject line of your email use a catchy phrase to draw their attention – offer them a 5% discount code as these are great encouragers to have them return.
  • Use a link that links back to the product they intended to buy with images and a large call to action making it easier for them to head back to the product.

By setting up these types of emails does take work, as you need to incorporate your mailing platform with your store. This allows you to know who is using your site and what they want. Although the payoff in, the end, is well worth it and these type of emails convert well.

Send Product Review Emails

Clients enjoy reading reviews on products. Before consumers make a purchase 60% read reviews. Make sure that you have reviews available on your product pages, as this will help you to win clients over. Moreover, as you know people are not inclined to leave honest reviews after buying a product.

You know that they do love to complain if they bought a product that had not satisfied them. Here you can gently prompt them with an automated email reminder. These emails you can send out every 14 days after they made a purchase or used your services. You can then send it out after 30 days again.

Important points you can illustrate in your email:

Use words such as your opinion counts and thanking them for being your customer. Let them know that their opinion counts and that you would love to hear their opinion by writing a review. Advice them to head over to your e-commerce site and become eligible in a prize draw that takes place once a month.

Your email will include the product they have bought with a link to leave their review. It will also remind them about the reward offered and some other product they may be interested in buying.

Win Back Your Clients

After a customer has made their purchase, you have them on your mailing list the hard works completed or is it. Yes, you have gathered their trust and they are familiar with your brand and like it. However, you need to remember that you must follow up with these clients – they are the ones most likely to buy from you again.

This is where the win back automated email comes in handy. This form of email you use when a client has not bought from you in a while.

Vital points you can show in your email:

Start your email with, “Here is what is trending at the moment.” Use the client’s name and tell them that you would like to let them know which of your products the latest trend. Add some examples of products with images and links if they would like to find out more.

By sending out these automated emails, you may find that they return to make another purchase.


These are the main automated emails you need sending out if you have an e-commerce store. Setting up these emails can be simple to the more intense developed emails all depending on the mailing platform you use. However, the return could be momentous. Make this a must in your site and start implementing it now.

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