Company Retreat: Team Building Ideas for the Whole Group

Company Retreat: Team Building Ideas for the Whole Group
November 11, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

Company retreats are an important way of improving team and departmental effectiveness. However, not every employee is keen about popular trust building techniques, such as outdoor activities, or catching falling co-workers. Instead, use the four ideas below to increase group cohesion and solidarity for the whole team.
Company Retreat Team Building Ideas for the Whole Group
Company-Based Team Building
Instead of using generic team building exercises, company retreats can incorporate elements of their business operations into the group building activities. For example, a food manufacturing company could host a cooking competition between different departments. This is an excellent opportunity for employees to relax and build rapport. On the other hand, an office products company could mix employees from historically distant departments, such as HR and sales, and challenge them to re-design standard company products to be more eco-friendly. Either way, company-based team building is a great way to improve loyalty and reinforce company values.

Personality Type Team-Building
A unique way to raise awareness and respect for differences and diversity is to perform team-building activities based on personality types. This will be especially helpful for large companies that employ a wide range of dissimilar people in different departments. Participants usually complete a standard psychological personality assessment, such as the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The instructor then illustrates how different types of people would communicate, make decisions, and handle problems in a variety of business scenarios. For example, participants will learn that assertive, outgoing employees may prefer concise, results-driven answers. In contrast, they will also learn that introverted, process-driven employees may need more time to communicate details. Through this process, employees will better understand and respect mutual differences.

Diversity Training
Corporate diversity training often focuses on how the majority population misunderstands the minority populations. However, minority groups also often misunderstand each other. True diversity and inclusion means that everyone is a unique and valued team member. Therefore, team building activities should focus on how every individual is diverse in their own way. This is an excellent way for employees to comfortably share information about themselves, connect with their co-workers, and form new friendships. For example, consider asking employees to share meaningful personal achievements about themselves.

Formal Event
Formal events can also be productive for team building. For example, consider hosting an internal event that features regular employees who discuss or present meaningful and insightful information about their job or department. This is also a great time to host a formal awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding employees. Some companies like to imitate popular entertainment ceremonies, such as the Oscars, while others prefer to create their style that reflects their specific company values. Consider renting a National 4-H conference center for this type of formal venue.

Team building is important for the success of every business. As a company you might use team building ideas like learning about personalities and diversity training. This way everyone has a chance to learn and grow.

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