Better Security Tips for a Growing Company

Better Security Tips for a Growing Company
May 26, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

Small businesses can often get away with lax security, but things begin to change as the business starts to grow. New risks are going to appear every day, and you need to take action to protect your business, clients, and employees. You should know about a few security tips for a growing company and keep up to date on the best ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Better Security Tips for a Growing Company

Implement Individualized Access
The first tip is to implement individualized access for employees across the board. Do this in every area possible from online networks, to the building doors. Individualized access means every employee in your growing business has a unique identification number or password. If someone wants to come into the building, log onto the network or make a call, then that code is used and recorded. Individualized access allows you to see exactly who is doing what when.

Create Layers of Security
Don’t rely on just one layer of security in any area. You want to have multiple layers that are progressively more restrictive. You can do this online by requiring multiple authentication keys to keep low-level employees from accessing sensitive data. You can also do this physically by having multiple locked doors with different keys separating sensitive areas from common ones. Layers of security will protect your growing business and keep your most important information and ideas safe.

Run Background Checks on Applicants
You are going to be doing a fair amount of hiring as your business grows. It takes just one employee to cause a security breach, and legal or financial problems for the business. This is why you should run background checks on applicants before hiring anyone. A site or employment screening company like will do background checks will confirm the identity of the individual and reveal any critical information you need to know. Your business will be safer and you can be sure you’re hiring the right people for the job.

Shred Everything
Your business is likely to start generating a large amount of paperwork as it grows. That paperwork can contain sensitive or proprietary information that someone could use to steal an identity or access business finances. Don’t take any risks. Develop a policy where everything is shredded. Shedding documents and even scrap paper will leave nothing for criminals to exploit.

Start Running Security Audits
A final tip is to start running security audits every few months. These audits will explore your security infrastructure, logs, and records. They can reveal new weaknesses that have developed as well. Audits also sometimes uncover criminal or unusual behavior by employees. All growing businesses need to run security audits on a regular basis.

Never think that the basic security used while a business is small will suffice once things start to expand. You are going to need more sophisticated security methods to protect the business from external and internal threats. These tips will help to ensure your business stays safe as it grows.

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