Why Supporting Charities Can Mark You as a Thought Leader

Why Supporting Charities Can Mark You as a Thought Leader
July 23, 2019 Harry Caesar
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It is never ideal to call yourself a thought leader, as it sounds pompous and self-righteous, to say the least, but the goal is to be marked as one, nonetheless. Any title worth having is one that is bestowed by others, so we are going to learn why being philanthropic can help you with that.

Successful Thought Leaders are Often Philanthropists

Philanthropist Chad Brownstein is an inspirational leader, who came into focus as the co-founder of Banc of California, but one of the reasons why he remains in constant focus as a thought leader has a lot to do with his love for philanthropy.

Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are some of the other names who would be seen as rich business tycoons if it weren’t for the fact that they have donated hundreds of billions of dollars to charity through the decades.

If you are planning to get somewhere, following the way shown by others who have already reached the destination is one of the core ideals of becoming successful in reaching that goal.

Charity Helps You Come into Prominence

All of the figures mentioned above were already famous when they started with their charitable ventures, but a smaller entrepreneur can, on the other hand, benefit from charity by coming into prominence from his/her philanthropic donations. In many ways, they have more to gain by giving away.

Try to maximize the promotional ability of your donations, by keeping the following points in mind.

  • Being part of one or two big events with wide visibility is better than spreading your donation budget amongst multiple smaller events
  • Try to select charitable events that will resonate the most with your target audience

Motivating Others Like a Thought Leader Should

Thought leaders are supposed to lead new ideas, innovate and motivate, which are all possible with a charitable mindset.

If you decide to back a potentially big idea (social or business) by an individual or a group who doesn’t have the funds to make that idea come to fruition, you are simultaneously donating and investing in innovative thought.

It could be groundbreaking, or it may not work as intended, but just by backing innovation, you will be motivating everyone around you. This, of course, will help you to be marked as a thought leader.

Networking and Donations: The Perfect Combination

Most big conglomerates and key figures have multiple charity funds, which are filled during charity events. Attending the events and donating to these funds will allow you to get close to some of the most prominent thought leaders in your industry. As a budding entrepreneur, very little is more important than networking with the right people.

Setting aside personal and business goals, charity by its very nature, is a noble act. When you provide sustenance and aid to the ones who need them the most, it is a self-rewarding experience all by itself. The fact that it helps you to get marked as a thought leader in the process is an added bonus.

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