Why Leaders Need to Build Their Social Media Presence

Why Leaders Need to Build Their Social Media Presence
April 28, 2019 Edwin Deponte
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It is normal for a person to be found on at least one social media platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This year, it is estimated that there will be almost three billion people on social media websites. These websites are helpful for leaders to speak to their employees and followers. Through social media, it is now easier to build relationships with other people. So, leaders need to build their social media presence to bring in followers who would listen and help the company.

To show that you are human

Leaders are also normal human beings on their own time. Through social media outlets, it is easier for your employees and followers to know you on a personal level. Their perception of you will be easily swayed depending on what you post and how you react to other posts and comments.  As per social media marketing in Kansas City or New York City or wherever you may be, usage of social media is already the norm. Take advantage of this to let people connect with you. With this, you can get them to like you better which in turn will be a positive outlook for your company.

To stay up to date

It is vital for leaders to stay up to date to news and other events that could potentially affect the company. If there are incoming typhoons or other calamities, you will be able to plan accordingly. Furthermore, your company would also stay relevant as long as you are active in social media websites. There is always a potential for millions of people to view your post or comment. So, always think before you type.

Build relationships

By staying active on social media, leaders will be able to build relationships with both employees and clients. Reply to their comments to show that you care about them. It is easier to have regular customers once they start to trust you and your company. So, do not let them down. Listen to their opinions and suggestions and act on them or at least acknowledge them. Care for your employees and customers because they can make or break your business.

For easy communication

As a leader, you have to communicate with a lot of people on a daily basis. There is no better way than to use social media for your communication needs. A single post can reach thousands of people from different countries. You do not have to send a message to thousands of people daily if you can effectively use your social media account. Even CEOs, just like Richard Branson or Bill Gates, from multinational corporations, use social media to share posts or ideas. They can quickly generate thousands of likes and shares because of their fame and status. But, just because your name is not as big as theirs doesn’t mean that you would have fewer likes or shares. It all depends on your post and how many followers you have.


Social media websites are really essential in almost everybody’s lives. Leaders should be able to adapt to the changing times and go with the flow. Social media is generally free to use. So, all leaders should take advantage of this.

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