What It Feels Like To Own A Condo In The Philippines

What It Feels Like To Own A Condo In The Philippines
December 17, 2019 Edwin Deponte
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Real estate has become one of the fastest-developing and thriving industries in the world today. But more particularly, Southeast Asian nations have unwaveringly flourished in the said sector over the years. In fact, the Philippine real estate market remains as steady as ever, with developers selling lots and properties like hotcakes.

More than anything, condominium units are beginning to take over the real estate industry, as these establishments are considered the most convenient out of all real estate properties. As traffic gets bad and the city continuously projects this fast-paced lifestyle, people would rather want to spend a Friday evening in places close to their homes than anywhere else.

Fortunately, condos today are usually situated in the heart of the city, where everything is just within your reach. Most especially, the Philippines is known for its low cost of living, warm tropical climate, and warm and friendly people, so who wouldn’t want to live here? Want to know more? Here’s what it feels like to own a condo in the Philippines:


As mentioned, condos are typically placed just right at the heart of the metro, which means it’s closely located to schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, and churches, just to name a few. Basically, you’re pretty much just a corner or a block away from every convenience, and having access to these establishments in such a busy city is one of the best vantage points of condo living.

Most real estate developers today even build townships so that homeowners don’t have to leave the community just to be able to get what they need or want, do errands, or go shopping. Tulip Gardens, for one, is one of Megaworld’s newest condominium developments that’s situated inside Southwoods City, where shopping centers, hospitals, churches, and schools are carefully positioned.

Unlimited Access To Amenities

Over the past year, traffic has gone worse in the Philippines, and this limits people – especially the working class – to actually allot time for rest and relaxation, forgetting the importance of a work-life balance.

Thankfully, condo living in the Philippines doesn’t have to be this dreadful. Each purchase of a unit comes with a lifetime and unlimited access to the building’s features, amenities, and facilities that highly encourage rest, relaxation, and recreation every once in a while. It’s so convenient that after one full day of working, you still have the time to swim or hit the gym because no longer are these places hard to find and reach. Living in a condo means you need only to go two or three levels up or down to get to the pool, the fitness center, or the cafe.

Security and Safety

It’s important that you feel safe in your home, especially when you live in a crowded and thriving city. Luckily, condominiums in the Philippines also have strict 24-hour security systems in place, which are rather costly to implement in individual homes. The best thing about this is that security guards are deployed all over the area with surveillance cameras installed in all relevant fields to monitor the premises of the property.

Less Effort On Upkeep And Maintenance

Gone are the days of you having to stress about the upkeep and maintenance of your home because, with condos, you wouldn’t have to go through all that!

Leave it all up to your real estate developer. No more weekly cleaning of the pool, no more lawn mowing, no more watering the grass, no more upkeep, and maintenance. This is actually where most of your monthly association dues are rendered – in maintaining the entire establishment and making sure everything is up and running smoothly and perfectly.

Wrapping Up

Condominiums in the Philippines definitely make an excellent investment, especially if what you look for the most are convenience and accessibility. No doubt that condominium developments all over Metro Manila are perfect for you who’s always on-the-go.

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