Weatherproofing Tips to do for Your Business this Winter

Weatherproofing Tips to do for Your Business this Winter
November 12, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

When you’re operating a business, production doesn’t stop when the temperatures get lower, and the fall gives way to winter. Instead of going through routines like normal, you’ll need to invest your time and a bit of money on weatherproofing your commercial property. Weatherproofing a property is all about keeping the cold out, and protecting structural and functional elements of the real estate from being damaged by moisture or snow. If you’re not familiar with the steps that must be taken to effectively winterize to conduct business as normal, here are some valuable tips.
Weatherproofing Tips to do for Your Business this Winter
Strengthen Window Seals
You might not have thousands of dollars to invest in the latest window technology, but one thing you can do to prevent water intrusion is to invest in self-sealing tape or a high-quality sealing product. The best window seal products keep the heat inside and prevent leaks during seasons with heavy rain. Not only can you lower your utility bills, you can prevent damage and mold so you don’t have to pay for restoration services after a preventable flood.

Weather-Resistant Sealants and Coatings for Exposed Wood and Cement
If you have decks or other exposed wood elements, you should definitely invest in sealants that guard from the rain so the wood doesn’t later get waterlogged. Wood sealers preserve important features of a property that might be completely ruined by the weather. If you have cement walkways, driveways, or structural features, you’re better off buying a protective coating that seals the crack and gaps so water and snow doesn’t accumulate under the surface. A construction company like Sullivan Engineering LLC may be able to recommend more ways you can protect and preserve your building.

Convert Your Files to the Cloud
You might think everything involves preparing your property, but when you weatherproof, you prepare for every scenario. If disaster does strike, you want to be sure you’re able to access your customer files, emails, smartphone files, and all proposals from your home or a temporary office. This is why converting to a cloud computing storage system is critical as you’re weatherproofing. When you think ten steps ahead, it’ll be business as usual regardless of the weather outside.

A snow storm, or even days of rain could be financially devastating to companies that aren’t prepared. Make sure you’re thinking about every aspect of weatherproofing and prepare both the commercial property and your digital data. By preparing windows, cracks, surfaces and files, you’ll have a defense against the unpredictable weather.

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