Understanding Self-Improvement

Understanding Self-Improvement
June 5, 2013 Temidayo Mabinuola

Self-ImprovementFor any person, society to be reckoned with, it must be improved upon. Improvement is a positive change that comes as a result of noticing the bad or unpleasant present state of a person, situation or a place. Self improvement is the discovering of who you are and putting effort towards getting better. No person can be great without regular improvements. For example,with the way Toyota produces cars, A 5 years old Toyota Camry has been improved upon year after year and it’s now probably obsolete in the market. In the business world, to remain in the market, you need to update yourself. By doing this, you are improving. It is only those who have discovered their potentials that can improve. All areas of life need improvement because changes occur everyday and because human needs are insatiable, improvement must be made on existing products, things, knowledge, to meet up with the next generation standard. Only those who are improved upon or who improve themselves are being heard in our generation and even in the next. The most relevant things in life are done personally. If someone does things for you, then you are hardly improving on yourself. Self improvement is personal and not general. It is your life and not our lives. Take responsibility for your life and actions.

The Road to Self-Improvement

1) Personal conviction for improvement: True improvement occurs when the mind permits it. The mind controls the affairs of the body system and the reason for improvement must be known and stated. If there is no conviction,  even if there is an improvement, it will not last long.

2). Acknowledging what you have: It is true we go places, talk to people, face difficulties, but one thing is that  most people move without noticing what they carry all along with them and some notice, just waiting for something or someone to make them change. It is what you have that can be changed or improved on. If your life is not moving in the direction it ought to move, then there is a part of you that needs improvement. It can only get better and if it does not get better, you permitted it.

3) Be precise on the area to improve on: The whole body cannot be down at the same time, it is just one part or few parts that make the body weak. To improve on yourself,  you must identify the area(s) you lack behind or malfunctioning. Then you develop yourself because the world re-known great people are only know for one particular thing or one specific profession.

4) Getting the right information: Not everything the eyes see, the ear hears, and the nose smells is being utilized. That is to say, if you want to improve on yourself, you must only take or absorb relevant information. Information is key to transformation. If you want to improve on yourself, you must acquire the right information necessary for improvement. When there is improvement, you attract both friends and enemies.

5) You need to defend yourself: For every progress you make in life, there is always a spiritual backing no matter who you are, even if you are a pagan. There is always a god or God involved in improvement in life. Not all improvements can stand the test of time but God must be involved to back up your improvement in life no matter how small it is.

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