Top Ways To Prepare Your Warehouse For Peak Seasons

Top Ways To Prepare Your Warehouse For Peak Seasons
February 9, 2020 Edwin Deponte
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Peak season is the busiest for businesses in the warehousing sector. It’s when the traffic of orders is overwhelmingly high. This is why warehouse managers see to it that they are prepared to meet the demand that comes with it.

It’s essential to make sure that you are prepared to address issues that may come up during peak season. You do not want to be the business that chokes and can’t deliver when customers need you the most. You want to be the one that operates at their best capacity even when under hectic times. So let’s discuss the top ways to prepare your warehouse for peak seasons.

Conduct complete inventory

A frequent peak season issue is stock diminishing fast due to the high demand. Prevent this from happening by performing complete inventory. Know what products you have, what you don’t, what needs to be replenished, and what’s been misplaced or lost.

Use the system you established for collecting and analyzing data to accurately gather inventory information. Maintaining accurate data can aid in minimizing safety stock. Your inventory is the backbone of your warehouse, so it’s important to keep it in the best condition as possible.

Preventative maintenance

One of the keys to attaining fine overall warehouse operation is preventative maintenance. Scheduling regular maintenance checks around the workplace and the equipment is important. Doing this will reduce the risk of a malfunction happening at a critical time and helps avoid scrambling for repairs.

You’ll want to avoid scrambling during peak season. You can also assess during maintenance the extent of defective equipment and repairs you need to do. If there are repairs that cannot be done in time, you may either cancel operations for the day or move to another facility. For those located near the area, there is a warehouse for rent in Kansas City where you can go and continue your operations.

Have a plan for labor matters

In anticipation of the overflowing orders to fulfill, some warehouse facilities hire temporary workers to cover the amount of work to be done. If you are to do the same, it’s better to start gathering able bodies at once. Make sure to train and orient them of your policies and processes. They should all be up to speed with every necessary part of your warehouse operations in order to maximize their skills and knowledge. Of course, give them proper compensation once peak season is over.

Perform a dry run

Testing how your operations would go during a day in the peak season can also help you get ready for what’s to come. Have your warehouse managers conduct a test run of a regular peak season operation. This way you can see what is lacking and the areas that need to be improved.

Process streamlining

Nowadays it’s all about streamlining. It’s about how fast you can fulfill customers’ orders. You can optimize your warehouse to achieve the best fulfillment time by making the simplest of changes in your process. For instance, reviewing your order picking strategies to enable you to make the necessary adjustments to lessen errors, reduces significant time in your entire operation.

Readying your warehouse for peak seasons is all about looking ahead. Anticipation and planning are your best weapons to be at your best when you need it the most.

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