Stainless Steel Fittings: Secret behind the Increasing Popularity

Stainless Steel Fittings: Secret behind the Increasing Popularity
July 12, 2014 Harry Caesar

Due to its practical and versatile functionality Stainless steel fittings are becoming more popular in homes and other constructions with each passing day. Stainless steel itself is renowned for its extreme enduring capacity, and as the material is recyclable and eco-friendly, the stainless steel fittings have blended in quite nicely in the present times “go green” trend of industries. There is no doubt that this material has immense strength, and being anti corrosive is its biggest advantage for sure. All major construction industries prefer these fittings to other metal fittings as these protect against rust, moisture, corrosion, and these provide robustness to the entire structure at the same time.

The Utility Factor:

As the material is rust proof and sturdy, it fits strongly and has a tighter grip and the fixing process is also easy. Replacing old home fittings with stainless steel fittings is surely a wise option. These fittings can be used anywhere including doors, windows, lights, and a wide range of other equipment.  Kitchen is the place in a house that is more prone to rusting and corrosion as various liquids and gases are always present, used and even evolve in this part of the house, and hence this place definitely needs something more protected and stronger for its maintenance, and nothing can beat the stainless steel in this case. The old fittings can be replaced at any given time to increase the overall look and the efficiency of the room.

The Equipment Versatility:

Stainless steel fittings include a wide range of fitting equipment such as rods, handles, knobs, locks, valves, pipes, ball bearings, screws, hoses, and even nuts and bolts. The tubes or SS pipes are being successfully used in all types of constructions for many decades now. These pipes do not corrode easily and run smoothly for many years without any issues compared to other metal tubes. The two key advantages of stainless steel pipes are:

  • They do not get rusted easily and so are perfect for continuous water supply
  • The leakage occurs very rarely so no worries regarding water leakage or safety issues

Stainless steel fittings are for everyday usage and are for every man; the metallic shine and luster provides a characteristic elegant look so the fittings can blend in with absolutely any type of decor. These are widely available and inexpensive fittings and any man irrespective of their financial stature can get the hands on them.

Key Reasons for Increasing Popularity:

Since its inception the stainless steel has been in demand and its popularity continues to grow. The stainless steel fittings have proved their worth for both domestic and industrial usage. With many benefits in store here are some key features of stainless steel equipment that always make them so in demand:

Anti-corrosive: This is the key feature of any stainless steel product that keeps them ahead in the queue. The material is extremely resistant and stays unaltered for unusually long time; it is even unaffected by strong chemicals and acids. This long life is surely a major plus point for any metal.

Fights rusting: The stainless steel fittings are unaffected by air moisture unlike the usual iron fittings. There are similar metals like iron that easily gets affected with rust during monsoon, but the stainless steel remains as it is for years and years.

Fire proof: The metal alloy has a fairly high melting point, and so can withstand high flames and combustion. This makes it a highly safe and a suitable material for fitting.

Easily cleanable and simple maintenance: The metal fittings do not need much maintenance and the smooth glossy surface is easy to clean and maintain. So the beauty and the strength can be preserved till many years to come.

This blog has been written for reader to learn everything about stainless steel fittings. If you still want to know more then go here and get some more useful information.

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