Spring Skiing: 4 Reasons It’s a Super Time to Hit the Slopes

Spring Skiing: 4 Reasons It’s a Super Time to Hit the Slopes
April 22, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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Snow skiing often conjures up images of wintery landscapes for most people. Even though skiing is usually considered to be a winter activity, you can still enjoy hitting the slopes at many ski resorts that are open during the spring season. Here are four reasons why skiing in the spring is so great.

Fewer Crowds

Since skiing is usually associated with the winter, many ski resorts see less turnout of visitors during the spring season. Even though this isn’t always the case, there’s a good chance that you can find a resort in your area that has smaller crowds and more opportunities to ski multiple runs. Skiing with less people can be especially advantageous for you if you’re still fairly new to skiing and don’t want to feel rushed to take your runs.

Cheaper Admission

Many ski resorts that stay open into the spring offer discounts on lift tickets and cross-country trail access to try to entice more business. This provides a perfect opportunity for you to have fun in the snow without having to put a huge strain on your budget. If you go to a ski resort as part of a group, you might get an even bigger discount.

Longer Days

Ski resorts often stay open later in the spring because the days are longer. The longer days provide greater visibility from the natural sunlight that stays around until later in the day. Daylight Saving Time (DST) usually starts just before the official start of spring, which makes each day even longer. The extended daylight means that you won’t have to get to the slopes as early or feel as rushed when you ski in the spring.

Safer Driving Conditions

Traveling to the slopes by vehicle can sometimes be more dangerous in the winter. The heavy snowfall and ice formation that are known to occur in the mountains during the winter can create treacherous driving conditions on the mountain roads. Snow is usually found at a higher elevation in the spring because of the warmer temperatures, and you’ll have an easier time reaching the slopes in your vehicle when you ski during this time of year.

The end of winter doesn’t have to mean the end of skiing. You can still find plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes when spring arrives. And, when the ski season officially reaches its end, rent a storage unit to store your ski gear during the off-season. Doing so will keep your gear in great condition while also saving space in your home.

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