Simple Steps to Increase Employee Productivity

Simple Steps to Increase Employee Productivity
July 28, 2016 Glenn
Increase employee productivity

Increase employee productivity
Increasing employee productivity is not easy and if you want your employees to be happy and still deliver as much as possible then you should consider changing your company policies to get a boost in production. There are a lot of variables that affect daily productivity and having an unmotivated group of employees can be very detrimental to the health of any company. Let’s take a look at some of the best measures that you can take to boost your employee productivity.

Make employees feel at home

If you want to keep your employees motivated then you should create a family-like atmosphere for all of them. Make your employees know that you feel they are like your extended family and always have a positive approach when having interactions to them to get better results. You should never allow anyone to talk negative about them or ignore their best interests. Employees are the key to the running of any organization and they are more valuable than the end consumers themselves because losing them halts businesses completely.

Background checks

The reason most top tier organizations choose to do background checks is not because they do not trust the people who join their organizations but it is to know how likely the person is to perform well at the workplace. For example, someone who attends college is less likely to be motivated due to career preferences while someone who coming from a financially weak background and has dependents more likely to have a high level of motivation.


It is one of the most overused clichés but training is important to keep the productivity levels up. There is never an end to training employees and as business conditions change, you might need to change the things up a bit. If your employees do not know what they are doing, things can go haywire. So you should have a timely training to fit them into their new responsibilities and keep up with the changes. If people know what exactly is expected from them they are more likely to do better and it also boosts their confidence levels. Every time there is a change in production policies or organizational policies that affect how work should be done at the workplace. You should consider initiating training programs to help your employees cope up with the changes.


People often underestimate the level of effectiveness even the smallest of incentives can have. Something as meager as an exclusive discount coupon for a clothing store or a restaurant can go a long way in boosting the morale of any employee. The incentive might not have to be something that has monetary value but it still manages to keep the productivity levels of the employees high and they try to reach these ‘goals’ to get incentives.

Rigid decision-making

You should never let your employees dictate your decisions completely. Opinions and suggestions should be welcomed with open arms from all employees and you should always keep their needs in mind when taking decisions but you should always ensure that your word is final. It prevents them from feeling in charge but at the same time they also feel that they contribute towards your decision making and they feel to be a part of the team. The more they feel that their problems and needs are being taken care of, the higher their production levels will be, leading to a healthier workplace environment in no time at all.

Humanitarian approach

You should not only keep in mind that your employees need to be happy at the workplace but they also need to have their peace of mind at home. You should never let the work they do at the workplace take over their personal lives as well. You need to keep in mind that people have different needs and requirements and they have problems that can come up. Loved ones of people may fall ill and they have personal work to take care of once in a while which they cannot avoid, you should understand their needs and in return you will get appreciative workers who are productive.

Provide the right equipment

Needless to say, people need to have the right equipment and tools to be able to work efficiently and you are the one who is responsible for it. Make sure that daily supplies are always available along with all the equipment that they need. This prevents them from ever giving any excuses by blaming the organization for not being able to work. In short, if you expect work from your employees then your office should ‘work’ too.

Celebrate the smallest of victories

Whenever any milestones are achieved they deserve celebrations and you should acknowledge even the smallest of achievements by your employees. Knowing they are appreciated makes them feel better about themselves and keeps them motivated to work harder for you in the long term.

Act like a role model 

If your actions are inspiring and allow the workforce to stay motivated, then you are on the right path. The last thing that an organization needs is a boss that slacks off and it can ruin your image in front of your employees. You should also treat all employees as equals and make sure that your workforce looks up to you.

Have flexible hours

Sometimes sticking to a black and white method of having a 9 to 5 routine just does not work out well enough. You need to have a flexible routine that works out for all of your employees. Having a larger operating time and allowing them to finish their daily tasks regardless of when they come or go might be a good idea. This allows your employees to be a bit flexible with their work and still meet their daily work requirements. This cannot work if your production relies on the team effort, however. Depending on the nature of your organization you can afford to provide your employees the freedom to work the way they want as long as they are delivering quality work in time.

These are some of the key steps that you can take to easily boost your organizational productivity and get great results in no time at all.

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