Safety Wear: All That One Needs On Any Construction Site

Safety Wear: All That One Needs On Any Construction Site
June 27, 2019 Craig Evans
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Construction sites can be one of the world’s most dangerous work environments. Life-threatening hazards are many such as falling objects, being struck by heavy machinery and exposure to dangerous chemicals. A simple thing such as wearing the proper Construction Site Safety Wear can save lives. Let’s take a look at some Safety wear options and the protections they provide. 

Head Protection

A hard hat protects one of your most precious assets, your brain. A hard hat can act as a shield from falling objects, debris and even electrical shock. A Hard Hat is an effective defence against injury because it has a built-in suspension of approximately 1.2 inches. 

This suspension space is between the Hard Hat shell and the wearer’s head. This space softens the blow from direct contact from impact. A reinforced Hard Hat offers an additional line of defence by including a mid-line reinforcement ridge. This ridge further improves impact resistance.

Face Protection

Flying debris can suddenly strike out of nowhere. Goggles on a construction site is a smart item to wear since you are subject to chemical splashes, the impact of debris, dusty environments and welding bits. Goggles offer side protection, also because of the wrap-around design. 

An additional helpful Safety feature on goggles is the Anti-Fogging High Air Flow feature. A Face Shield offers superior eye protection from impact, chemical, and blood-borne hazards. A Full-facepiece respirator is another superior form of eye protection when respiratory protection is needed as well.

High-visibility clothing

High-visibility clothing can be any type of clothing with reflective material and strips such as safety vest, pants or jackets. These types of clothing can be a critical issue because they can truly save lives in a construction zone. Reflectorized clothing creates visibility and alerts others to your presence. 

For example, on a construction site workers are at risk and exposed to moving vehicles. Workers, also, have high exposure to being hit by motor vehicles. Reflective clothing strips can illuminate at night and create visibility, which is critical in helping operators of large construction vehicles and equipment. 

Foot Protection

Steeled Toe Boots are a requirement by insurance companies on construction sites. The Boots are vitally important because a steel reinforced toe and are fitted with extra rubber padding. This protective footwear is so necessary because Steel-Toe Boots offer protection against chemical hazards, sharp objects, compressions, electric shocks and punctures. Such boots are available at various stores namely WorkWearHub where you can find different size and coloured boots. 

The Boots come in colour-coded varying levels of protection, for example; one particular type of American made Steel-Toe Boots bares a white square icon and offer protection against electrical shock. So, do your research to determine the level of protection needed for your job and match the protection level with the label designated on the particular boot. 

Respiratory Protection

To be OSHA Compliance, Respiratory Protection is a requirement on millions of construction sites across the United States, because of the potential exposure to chemical compounds. A respirator can provide valuable protection in such cases as insufficient oxygen environments, harmful dust, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapours, and dangerous sprays. 

Respirators work by removing contaminants from the air and by providing a clean air source to the wearer. Chemical compound exposure is more than just a nuisance, It can be deadly and lead to diseases such as various cancers and lung disorders. 

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