Poker as a Way to Improvement

Poker as a Way to Improvement
May 10, 2014 Delane

Poker, the ultimate card game, has become a fast growing worldwide phenomenon due to its popularity and increased availability on the internet. However, even with its expanding number of fans and players, there are still a lot of people who continue to underestimate the benefits and advantages of poker.

In general, people will tell you that poker is a decisive game of both luck and skill. It involves not just the cards you are dealing with, but also the emotions and expressions you show to your opponents, to fool them into doing what you want them to do: fold, raise, call, or other actions. In this alone, it already teaches us so much about living and human interactions. It involves psychology and personality analysis. It involves studying people closely to guess what they’re going to do next – a skill that’s highly valued in business. Intuition, resourcefulness, adaptability, assessing risks, resilience, and management: all these are crucial in both the poker universe and the business world.

What else does poker teach us? There’s mathematics, for one. Poker actually involves making calculations. It can also improve our logical and rational thinking skills. In real life, these are factors that will help greatly in our decision-making, as we’re prone to making extremely poor choices.

In Texas Hold’em Poker, which has become one of the most popular variations of poker worldwide, you have to make the best possible five-card hand out of your seven available cards. You need to analyze every move of every player and make the best plays through careful thinking. Poker teaches us that impulsive moves aren’t everything and that thinking thoroughly about your actions and thinking about your game plan is important. And of course, doing all this can help you concentrate more and focus on what you’re supposed to focus on. We often think that multi-tasking is cool, and we fool ourselves into thinking we can accomplish more when we do many things at the same time. This isn’t true, the more we concentrate on something, the better we do at it, and the fewer mistakes we make.

That’s not all, poker teaches many other lessons: profit, loss, discipline, adjusting, patience, and more. All you need to do is play the game.

Poker life lessons are not limited to those it can teach an individual, it can also be used as an excellent group and team building activity for both small and large gatherings alike. It can be utilized as a tool for building rapport and communication between colleagues and business partners. The business world today is starting to see the importance and value of teams and groups, and the occasional poker night can help build all the necessary skills to form highly effective teams. The fun atmosphere improves trust and communication within a group, as well as the whole company morale. All the individual benefits of poker can be learned by the entire team, and everyone can learn how to think effectively and build up plans that can be useful for business. You can read more on poker as a team building activity on Poker Deluxe blog.

Poker is an undervalued game that everyone can learn a lot from. In many ways, it’s not just a game of cards. It’s a game of life.


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