Personal Development (Part 1)

Personal Development (Part 1)
June 5, 2013 Ejiro Ekpekurede

black-man-doing-push-upsOn a beautiful sunny afternoon, I laid back on a couch reminiscing. I was reflecting on life and what she had to offer. The thoughts of my late elder brother crossed my mind. He was a young man who had it all going for him. Anytime he spoke, I always wanted to listen because most times he spoke facts I knew nothing about. I asked myself “How come I don’t know all these??”  But I found out I lacked some necessary basic information.

Personal development simply means when an individual takes a specified time or state for growth and advancement. Most people have had life changing experiences during their quest for lifelong learning. During personal development, an individual becomes very selective when it comes to information, he/she chooses what to listen to, read and also watch. It is during this phase of personal development that information gotten teaches you what you need to do or say to succeed.
Napoleon Hill’s 1937 quote sets the standard. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
Once an individual gets information, what makes the difference is what he/she is willing to do with what he has heard, listened to or watched.
The number one thing to do to enhance your capabilities or mind is to expose yourself to knowledge. Jim Rohn quoted: “All the information you need to succeed already exists; the only problem is you’re not exposing yourself to it.”
If you want to be a world changer, a successful business man or you want to have a successful career, expose yourself to books on your field of business or career. Also get books on personal development because they can help one a lot when it comes to developing a right attitude, mindset and relationship to get you to the top.
Secret 1: The more you grow in KNOWLEDGE (information), the more RESPECT people have for you, they want to be KIND to you, they also want to show you FAVOR when required and the best of all – SUPPORT you.

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  1. Ernest Onwuzulike 7 years ago

    Great article! Straight to the point!
    Way to go Ejiro!Preach it!!

  2. Ejiro Author
    Ejiro 7 years ago

    Thank You Sir… Will keep preaching it.. Smiles


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