Losing an Excellent Employee? 4 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Farewell Party

Losing an Excellent Employee? 4 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Farewell Party
March 8, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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Losing an excellent employee is never easy. It’s always difficult to find someone you can consistently count on and trust. Now that they are leaving, it is time to show how much you appreciated their service by throwing them a fantastic farewell party. It need not be lavish, but it should be relevant to the employee. Here are four tips for throwing a fantastic farewell. 

Put Close Coworkers in Charge of Party Planning 

For this step, it’s vital that close co-workers plan the farewell party since they know the employee the best. The last thing you want is to throw a farewell party with strangers attending. It just wouldn’t feel authentic. Moreover, you don’t want the party to feel forced or impersonal. If you would like your employee to come back to the company someday, then host a meaningful farewell party. 

Share Fond Memories 

Since this was an excellent employee, there will certainly be a number of co-workers and management who can share some fond memories. One thing which lasts are the good memories of shared experiences. The party planners might even consider creating a slideshow with photos and music. This doesn’t require a professional film crew. Ask around for input, and you’ll probably find enough memories to last the entire party. 

Give Appropriate Gifts 

It’s not a party without gifts. At the same time, you don’t want to violate any company gift-giving policies. So, make sure all gifts are given accordingly. This makes it difficult to give gift cards or cash as the departing employee may owe taxes to the IRS. The best idea is for everyone to pitch in to buy a memorable gift. A collaboration like this is sure to mean much more to the employee. 

Enjoy Good Food 

One of the best parts of a farewell party is the food. There are many options in this case. You could go the pot luck route, but then it would put a burden on co-workers who may not have the time or the talent for making good food. And, often, a pot luck can contain a mish-mash of food items that don’t necessarily taste good together. 

You could order pizza or sandwiches, but those types of foods feel inconsiderate for a top-notch employee. Another idea would be to eat out, but then people would have to leave the office. Instead, why not cater? Many restaurants offer office catering services such as El Molinito Restaurant & Catering where you can get tasty food that doesn’t break the bank. And the best part about Mexican food is everyone can find a dish they like. 

As you can see, throwing a thoughtful farewell party isn’t as difficult as it sounds. And you’ll feel good giving your excellent employee the sendoff they deserve.

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