Leveraging The Power Of Personalized E-learning

Leveraging The Power Of Personalized E-learning
July 6, 2015 Harry Caesar

As technology evolves, our understanding of the human brain has also become much more comprehensive. Today, we understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to education, teaching and learning. Each person is wired differently and their level of responsiveness varies depending on the mode of delivery of information. It is not uncommon to find students highly engaged with the teaching style of one professor while another student fails to grasp sufficient knowledge from the same teacher. We have learnt that some people tend to gauge information better based on visual cues while others prefer auditory mechanisms. With the prospect of e-learning and scalable models, today it is possible to establish personalized teaching mechanisms using automated systems.


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Personalized Learning – The Traditional Way

In the past, the only option for offering personalized learning is by private tutoring. This can be rather costly and is not the most efficient means of education. People who require specialized learning styles will have to opt for separate private tutoring apart from their usual education in order to get ahead in education.

Use of e-Learning

With the rise of e-learning, the usage of personal tutors is quickly becoming obsolete. E-learning provides ample resources and delivers information in multiple methods at a much faster pace. It can also be accessed at anytime and anywhere. Due to the fact that e-learning is digital and cost of production is low, e-learning has proven to be a great option for students as it costs less and delivers more. However, as e-learning is (or was) not as adaptable as human beings to identify different individual’s learning patterns, there was still a sense of inadequacy.

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The Rise of Personalized E-Learning

With increasingly advanced data collection and processing systems, e-learning is quickly becoming more and more customizable. Artificial intelligence has grown to a point where it can respond to data and adapt its output accordingly. This concept applied to e-learning is quickly revolutionizing the realm of e-learning. Personalized e-learning is a new branch of e-learning that studies patterns and attributes of individual students and alters the delivery process of information. By utilizing this concept, the world of education will be much more accessible, especially to students who require specialized forms of teaching.

Personalized e-learning is not just beneficial on an individual basis. From a broader perspective, these programs can track students’ progress in schools on a large scale and can help identify factors that are affecting progress of certain students. While external factors should also be attributed, variance in performance of students due to teaching methods that do not suit their preferences can be quickly eliminated with the help of personalized e-learning.

This has all been made possible by the concept of big data, a term used to describe collection of large volumes of data on a daily basis. With the internet and advanced processing systems; collecting, crunching and analyzing data has become easier than ever and is set to impact the future heavily in a positive manner.

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