How to Save Money When Buying New Flats

How to Save Money When Buying New Flats
December 25, 2014 Nishant

buying a house

Undoubtedly buying a house is one of the lavish splurge of an individual which not only includes the expenses for buying the property but also there are sundry expenses which never appears to be but, when considered in actual, they form quite a big amount. For instance, the amount you incur every day in city hopping prior to finalizing the property or the amount you pay to the brokers etc. are couple of them, which you bear but you have the option to avoid. Actually if you plan to save money during the process of house hunting, then you will have to spot the pockets which can be mended to check outflow of cash:

  • Primary being the basic expenses you incur while you travel to check out places
  • Amount you pay to the broker
  • Amount you need to spend for home loan shopping
  • Consultation fees for financial advisers for telling you your loan availability
  • Consultation fees for lawyer for legal advisories

How to check the outflow of the cash, when all these procedures are somehow important to be followed. Yes…right, you should not compromise on this, but if you are provided with a platform which provides you with the option to sort this step judiciously, quite interesting and there are few real-estate services provider who have an important role to play to ensure you save without compromising on the quality

For instance, you aspire to buy a flat from one of the new project in Gurgaon. You may go to the broker and spend time explaining him/her your requirement, but…have you ever thought time is also money and instead of spending time with the brokers, who in a way will charge you for the meeting adding up doubly in your expenses. Rather, you can explore few online portals, where you get the buffet of property across the city served to you in a single click. All you need to is to select Buy option followed by the city.

Actually you can eliminate all the above mentioned pointers by exploring the platform where you can pick your dream house independently as per your preferences, backed by the power of virtual tour. On other way, when you are landed on the result page, the properties get featured on the list as well as on the map. The filters of the portal proffers you to streamline your search as per your taste and preference. All the listings provided on the portal are personally visited and verified by team and real time photos are provided to you, so that, you have a proper feel of the flat, when you are exploring the galleries. The life style ratings provided by them provides you with the insights of the neighborhood and locales too. The contact numbers of property enlisters are also provided to take the deal to the next level

The Home Loan section of the open portal has a mini tutorial enlightening your general knowledge about the technicalities of Home Loan as well as guide you through that…the eligibility factors and other process actually steadfast the process. You have the option to tailor-made and pick your best loan offer from six leading financial institutes and apply for the same

Well, now you know the tricks of cool and time saving, I mean money saving option to look forward too…

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