How to Handle Your Startup in the Shark Tank

How to Handle Your Startup in the Shark Tank
February 19, 2015 Ivan Serrano

Welcome to the shark tank. No, not a literal shark tank where you’re protected by a metal cage. The other shark tank, also known as, the business climate for startup companies. You have a long way to go and no metal cage to protect you…

So you’ve finally started your startup company, and business is doing quite well – well enough to keep you afloat thus far. You have a clear business plan, and you’ve managed to find a unique voice to stand up against all the other bigger sharks who have been swimming in the waters for a long time. All you need to do now is get word out there about your brand. And the way to do it in the modern age is through social media platforms. In order to keep your company afloat long enough to start thriving, you’re going to have to find a way to amplify your content online. Most companies these days have moved away from the old-fashioned days of marketing deals that will sell to companies, and are instead marketing in a disguised way that emphasizes the content of the product itself, or the qualities that your product or brand has to offer. The easiest way to begin: create a strong online presence, and do everything you can to build it. Soon enough, if you use the right tactics, you’ll find that customers will be attracted to your brand naturally, and you’ll have to do less work hounding for followers.

But more importantly: you need to begin by having a strong and solid business plan. The majority of startups fail in the beginning because they try to jump start their company and market, without knowing exactly what they’re selling. It sounds easy, but creating a solid business plan takes a lot more effort than you might think. Here are some tips to keep in mind to survive the shark tank and keep you going in the beginning:

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