Commendable‌ ‌Filipino‌ ‌Work‌ ‌Ethics‌

Commendable‌ ‌Filipino‌ ‌Work‌ ‌Ethics‌
December 19, 2019 Edwin Deponte
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Work ethics and culture are two of the most important aspects or factors to consider in order to achieve greater success in business or work in general. More specifically, a work ethic refers to a set of principles an employee possesses or uses in his job. This encompasses a wide array of traits, which are significant in performing and completing assigned tasks, communicating with co-workers, serving customers, and even applying it to one’s personal life.

In the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines is known to be one of those countries with an exemplary set of skills, especially when it comes to customer service, or mainly just work in general. We all know that the Philippines is a beautiful country, a tropical one to be exact – with 7,641 majestic islands filled with beaches, mountain ranges, and landscapes to admire. However, more than the physical beauty of this country, there’s really so much to admire about how the Filipino people work and serve customers to provide for their family.

Not very familiar with how the Filipino work ethics and culture go? Well, to give you an idea, here are some of the best and most commendable Filipino work ethics to take note of, just in case you might want or need to go through it, or maybe even apply it in your own personal life:


I think we’re all pretty much aware that Filipinos are very hospitable and friendly. No matter where they are in the world – whether in a different country with less to zero Filipinos or not – these folks will surely be more than willing and glad to welcome you, take care of you, give you temporary food and shelter, and attend to you, just to name a few among the many others they can, and they are willing to actually do for other people.

This trait extends to one’s workplace. Scared you might not fit in your new work because you’re either a fresh graduate or you simply just feel like you don’t belong? Don’t worry! As long as you have Pinoys in your account or office, you’re going to be perfectly fine. Filipinos have this “mother’s instinct” wherein they attend to and care for people who feel as if they’re “left out” of the group. Trust me, Filipinos are some of the most welcoming, hospitable, and friendly people in the world, if not the most.


Filipinos are also known for their creativity. These people are resourceful and clever in so many ways, may that be at work, in school, or life in general. In fact, despite of poverty or lack of actual materials, Filipinos can still think of ways on how to finance and turn their ideas into reality. Ever heard of the saying, “There’s money in the garbage bin”? Well, if you still haven’t, Filipinos already have, and for a long time now, they practice this still. For these people, you can still make cash out of your trash; you just have to be resourceful and creative altogether.

This is one of the very few traits most job hiring websites or agencies look for. In such a world so fast-paced where most people consume so much in a span of minutes – or even seconds – companies today now look for resourceful and creative individuals that could make something out of what they only have. Gone are the days of patronizing the continuous production of goods that come from raw materials alone. Today is the age of sustainability. As the world continues to experience climate change, more and more businesses now opt for individuals who can still work and produce something out of what most would consider good as trash. So, if you possess this trait, hats off to you!

Bayanihan Spirit

Time and time again, the bayanihan spirit or unity is still one of the most commendable Filipino traits ever to exist. Filipinos are known to reflect this close relationship with people, regardless if they’re family or not. As long as they know that one needs help from the other, they will always be willing to extend a hand. In fact, if anything, Filipinos are such good empathizers! Yes, some may still possess visible traits and signs of crab mentality, but, for what it’s worth, the Filipino people are some of the most caring as they know when to lift each other up instead of bringing one another down.

At work, the bayanihan spirit is very important because this is what will help the business or the whole company get through storms and challenges. For as long as you are united and one helps lift the other up, you’ll be able to withstand all trials, regardless of it being work-related or not.


Let’s be honest, working in customer service is one of the hardest things. That’s why most people commend Filipinos for still acting with grace despite circumstances. Traditionally, Filipinos are known to use the words “po” and “opo” as a sign of respect. Of course, Filipino employees can’t always use these words, especially when conversing with foreigners as it can ignite confusion. However, they don’t always have to say “po” and “opo” to sound polite.

Filipino workers would make it a habit to address their seniors or co-workers with “sir,” “miss,” or “ma’am.” Also, instead of calling customers by their first or last name, Filipinos would also always address with “sir” or “ma’am.” In light of situations wherein customers have to wait longer than expected, or the wrong products were handed out, or maybe a particular service was performed with mediocrity, Filipino workers would do whatever it takes to make it up to the customer, may that be through merely apologizing, handing out freebies, or giving only the best of products or services on their next visit or transaction. This is one of the many things people admire about the Filipinos; they remain calm despite such circumstances, which promote grace under pressure.

Wrapping Up

Originally, the Filipino people are rich in good values, morals, and attitude. These are indeed legacies most of their ancestors have instilled in them. And, as for us who are working or employed, let’s learn from the Filipinos and apply such traits at work, in order to serve both our co-workers and customers better. 

Think I’m missing something? Why don’t you tell us in the comments below what other Filipino traits you know of and admire? Feel free to share all these!

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