Car Mechanic – A Boon in Necessity in Critical Situation

Car Mechanic – A Boon in Necessity in Critical Situation
August 14, 2014 Harry Caesar
Car Mechanic

Repairing vehicles might not seem to be a very lucrative or attractive trade because it is tedious and challenging, but a car mechanic is a necessity in our fast moving world today.

Car MechanicA car mechanic is a very skilled man. One learns it out of interest or undergoes training on this vast and complicated subject. The study is huge and interesting and there is always learning involved in this process. Especially in the current scenario where the cars are made with such advanced technology and added variability in mechanical parts, the car mechanics also have to update themselves regularly with the working mechanisms. A car mechanic has to be swift and accurate to reach the exact fault location, which is facilitated by working rigorously for hours behind greased engines and movable parts.

Notwithstanding the complexity of the engine parts, these day
s a modern day mechanic has to contend with variable electronic and software based accessories provided in the vehicles. Simply knowing how to tighten a bolt is considered a pre – historic skill where we find car mechanics equipped with the technical know-how to set up GPS (Global positioning systems) and traffic relay interfaces. Hence it is nothing short of an engineering perspective.

Grasping needs

A Car mechanic has to work on various models of cars and under different conditions. He has to be prepared to work in the garage or as need prevails – i.e. outdoors under any demanding weather or social conditions.

  • A person has to have the urge to detect problems and solve them.
  • The knowledge of all the different parts of a car and their needs should be known by him.
  • The person must have adequate patience to completely run the diagnostic of the vehicle instead of getting frustrated at not being able to detect the fault spontaneously.
  • One has to be open to reading and should also have the computer knowledge to go through the manuals and to search the internet for additional information.
  • One should work under a skilled and experienced mechanic or a technician to gain more knowledge and experience in this field.
  • A certified course is always suggested to become an adequately capable mechanic.
  • Hands on training on the different parts of the car working together are very essential and proves helpful in the long run.
  • There are crash courses on along with demo on work.
  • The institutes offering the same are there in the city and there are also some car manufactures who offer training in these specific fields.
  • Also regular practice and prolonged experience behind the engine can lead to prosperity in the trade.
  • To detect and analyze on the issue is the main objective of a mechanic.

Hardships to be tackled

  • In the eyes of the customer, the serving or selling party is constantly conspiring to gain excessive profit from him/her in exchange for their services. Hence winning over the customer’s confidence is the most challenging part for the mechanic.
  • As already stated this trade doesn’t always pay for the amount of skill and hard work put in by the technician, which can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction towards his method of earning.
  • In our modern society where people tend to worry more about others than themselves, a ‘car mechanic’ wouldn’t be considered to fit in with the more money making or profit oriented extravagant choices of profession.

Understanding the need

It is a high time that the society understands that a man’s work speaks more than his salary; hence a so called low profile job of a mechanic has its requisite importance and also requires a high class degree of skill with the improvement in the technology. Instead of worrying about the future hardships or social considerations, someone interested in automobiles must cultivate the need to struggle and nurture a healthy appetite for knowledge in this specialization.

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