Asked to Be Best Man? 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Bachelor Party

Asked to Be Best Man? 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Bachelor Party
March 21, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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If you’ve been asked to be the best man in a wedding, then your responsibilities go far beyond just showing up for the big day. You will need to throw the groom an awesome bachelor party. Just make sure that you avoid these four mistakes when planning the party.

Not Getting the Groom’s Input

Your perfect bachelor party may be a lot different than what the groom envisioned. Because of this, you really need to get the groom’s input. Ask him for a few suggestions as to things that he would like. You may actually find that, instead of spending a night out at a bar, he would rather spend an evening at home watching movies with his buddies.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Plan

Bachelor parties do take time to plan. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to try to plan an epic party as this will just create a lot of stress. You want the groom’s bachelor party to be something that both he and all of the guests remember. Don’t just try to wing it and wait until the last minute to throw something together as this may end just being disastrous.

Foregoing a Budget

Since you are planning the bachelor party you will most likely be financially responsible for everything. This is why it’s important to make a budget. Know ahead of time how much you can spend before you start planning. Make sure you set this money aside so that you will have it available on the night of the big event. You don’t want to find yourself short on funds when it comes time to pay for something on the night of the groom’s bachelor party.

Going Too Elaborate with the Food

It’s not uncommon for men to make the mistake of going too elaborate when it comes to the food at a bachelor party. Realistically, you just want to have something quick and easy. Pizza is a good choice. It’s pretty cheap, you can choose from a lot of different toppings, and if you opt for pizza delivery, you don’t have to leave the party to go pick it up.

In conclusion, don’t make the mistakes mentioned above when planning a bachelor party. You want to make it memorable and not end the evening feeling disappointed. After all, this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event for the groom, and you want it to be a party filled with having fun, letting loose, and giving the groom the opportunity to relax before the wedding day.

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  1. I love how this article is focused on the groom. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

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