All About Tooth Decay

All About Tooth Decay
February 18, 2019 Anna Steve
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What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is simply the destruction to your teeth due to the sticky surface on your tooth called plaque. Whenever you eat something, especially the sugar, it sticks on your tooth and creates a layer. Bacteria starts developing under this layer and starts destroying the out hard surface of your tooth and ultimately the part of your tooth is either lost or there becomes a hole commonly termed as cavity.

Tooth Decay Causes!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/16x9_780/child-tooth-decay.JPGThere’s no specific age for tooth decay because it can happen to children, teens and adults if proper cleaning and care of your teeth is not taken. As the major cause of tooth decay is said to be the sugar, it is more common in kids because they love to eat candies, chocolates and other sugary items. To keep your kids’ teeth safe from tooth decay, never be careless about the cleaning of their teeth. Make it their habit to brush their teeth twice a day so that no plaque can stay there on their teeth. For detailed knowledge about tooth decay causes and tooth decay treatment, log on to

Tooth Decay Symptoms

Tooth decay works silently on the mission of your teeth destruction. You see nothing but a layer of plaque and underneath that bacteria are busy in destroying your teeth. In most of cases tooth decay is painless but when it has done enough damage, you may observe the following tooth decay symptoms:

1.      Toothache

When tooth decay gets severe, it may cause an unbearable toothache. It can be continuous or pulse of pain. Whatever the type of pain is, it is almost unbearable and it can even give you temperature.

2.      Bad Breath

Bad breath not always mean that you have tooth decay but it is one of the tooth decay symptoms. The reason behind this bad breath is obvious. The plaque and the bacteria causes the bad smell and as we exhale our breath, it spreads out and the person talking to us feels that annoying and disgusting bad breath.

3.      Sensitivity

Plaque and the bacteria may destroy the outer protective layer of your teeth and this will make your teeth sensitive. Whenever you will eat or drink, you will feel the strange pain or tenderness due to sensitivity.

4.      Brown Spots

If the plaque remains there on your teeth, the active bacteria may cause some grey or brown spots on your teeth. It’s the sign that you shouldn’t ignore because it’s the indication that tooth decay has reached to an alarming stage.

5.      Unpleasant Taste

In rare case there’s chance that tooth decay may disturb your taste buds and you will feel unpleasant taste.

Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth decay treatment depends upon the stage and level of severity. If the tooth decay is on just an early stage and you acted smartly to identify it then you must visit the dentist immediately. He will recommend some good tips and tooth decay treatment.

1.      Fluoride Gel

For early stage, fluoride gel is considered the best tooth decay treatment. Simply apply the fluoride gel on the infected area for almost two minutes and then brush. Fluoride kills bacteria and keeps the outer protective layer safe from bacterial attacks by clearing the plaque.

2.      Filling

If the tooth decay has reached to the level where cavity is created, the dentist may recommend filling of the cavity otherwise there are chances of toothache and sensitivity. Filling is not a permanent solution because the filling often goes away with the passage of time and you have to get another filling from time to time. Filling is not a painful treatment yet so you can afford to have it multiple times to avoid toothache and sensitivity pain.

3.      Root Canal

If not treated the tooth decay or the cavity, the cavity may get deeper and deeper and it may reach the pulp or the roots of the tooth and there it may start hurting the nerves. At this stage the most recommended tooth decay treatment is root canal. It’s a painful treatment because the decay is removed by drilling.

4.      Tooth Removal

And the last stage tooth decay treatment is tooth removal. If the complete damage has been done and tooth decay has destroyed the tooth completely then dentists will simply remove your tooth and then you will have to replace it with dentures or implant.

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