Advantages of Using Cloud-Based WMS

Advantages of Using Cloud-Based WMS
September 6, 2019 Edwin Deponte
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Warehouse management systems (WMS) are software applications that help control and manage warehouse operations on a daily basis. More specifically, warehouse management systems serve as guides when it comes to inventory, order picking process, putting away, delivery or shipping, transport, and replenishment. All in all, a WMS is in charge of overseeing warehouse operations, helping warehouse staff have a look-through or an overview of the entire facility, inventory, and processes.

If you own a warehouse space, you should know that it would be impossible for one man alone to have full control over your operations and inventory. For one, a warehouse big enough to store hundreds and thousands of goods and other items, which is exactly why you need a warehouse management system to help ease daily warehouse operations.

Today’s technology continues to advance and improve. With that, a lot of warehouse management systems nowadays have integrated cloud-based systems. A cloud-based system refers to services, resources, and applications made available for users to utilize and benefit from via the Internet. Basically, cloud-based systems are highly dependent on the Internet. In turn, a cloud-based WMS is a type of warehouse management system that relies on the Internet more than local cloud service providers. In today’s modern age, lots of businesses, particularly industrial companies that possess warehouse spaces, consider a cloud-based WMS as an integral part of their business. Which is why it’s important to know what advantages this system brings in order to understand further whether or not these “advantages” are all really considered beneficial for warehouse businesses, or any business at all.


You can get so much more (advantages and other benefits) while paying for so much less. Unlike other [local and traditional] warehouse management systems, a cloud-based WMS allows you to pay just a small amount of monthly fee depending on how much people are involved and using the system. Other than that, you also get to save a few bucks from maintenance and resilience since a cloud-based WMS appears more efficient and requires less troubleshooting as compared to old, traditional systems.


With cloud-based warehouse management systems, you can quickly ramp up or down and adjust based on the needs and current state of your business. This cloud allows your company to use whatever you need today with the flexibility to adapt to changes tomorrow. Worry less about continually optimizing or changing your warehouse systems because cloud-based ones are ready to adapt to whatever your business needs for the day. On top of that, you wouldn’t even have to wait for downtime! Adjust at your own pace, and be able to bounce back immediately without having to worry about backlogs or further management complications.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important factor in any business. If anything, it’s the most important since you have to protect specific confidential business data. Losing such files or data can lead to threats in your business and daily operations. Good thing a cloud-based WMS can help in enhancing your company’s cybersecurity in this world full of malicious cyber-attacks and crimes.

These cloud-based systems help in protecting company data, which, in turn, can also help in guaranteeing customer support and establishing your brand’s value. Cloud-based WMS has security protocols and initiatives that implement cybersecurity measures in securing your enterprise.

Faster Processing Power

Since cloud-based warehouse management systems work in a neutral environment with a vast scale, it then offers faster processing power, unlike other local and traditional servers. As a result, as per LSCR, downtime is less likely to occur and affect customer experience. This is very significant, especially in the world of eCommerce since downtime in this industry can mean a customer abandoning their purchases. In turn, you lose customers and begin generating lesser profits.

Wrapping Up

A warehouse management system that perfectly fits your warehouse’s needs shouldn’t forever be a dream. With cloud-based systems, you can turn this dream into reality. Never settle for cloud-based systems that don’t meet the needs of your company. As someone who tries to thrive or survive in such an industry, you should know when to equip your business with the latest yet cost-efficient tools and services that could bring benefits and other significant results to your overall business operations.

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