A Boon for New Home Buyers

A Boon for New Home Buyers
January 8, 2015 Ozair Akhtar
Property Boom

Property BoomHousing.com has made its mark in the property markets by transforming the way property listings are presented to the end users. The portal has busted the myth of inability to purchase properties online. Considerable efforts and resources have gone into making verified property listings available on the portal-which has further helped end users to quickly find the homes of their choice from a huge repository of listings. Additionally, end users get to search for new homes via a special section that is dedicated for the same on the main page of the portal. This section has been titled ‘New Projects’ and is accessible freely to all. The following features are available in all new project details.

Property BoomNew House Search Feature

Let us assume that an end user is looking trough DS Max Sprinkles in Bangalore. This is a property project that features in the ‘New Project’ section. This is a residential project under development from DS Max-a Bangalore based company-which has thirty new projects currently under development in different parts of the city. This DS Max project offers a complete set of information which is found in details related to the project, flats, amenities and location. There are also additional insights which offer an end user the macro view of the project.

The highlights of these details include a map based approach. This map-unlike the usual home search map- is a wide area map which highlights the project in a vast area that shows the available infrastructure and amenities. One has the option to view the bus stations, schools, hospitals, parks, ATMs, restaurants and any other feature as well which is not listed. An end user can explore the locality without actually visiting it because the satellite view of the map is simultaneously available.

Property BoomThe Drone View

The second highlight of the house search feature is a video of the project site. Let us take the example of a second project DS Max Signature in Bangalore. This project-just like all the other projects-comprises of a video which has been taken from a height. This video shows a 360 degree view of the area under development. It has been taken from military grade drones which were sent up at the project site to record the ongoing activities. The video adds the second stamp of validity on new project. Not only can an end user now verify that the property is actually under construction, but also he/she can view the whole area from a vantage point that is not available to anyone else.

The portal has extensively used drones for monitoring property development and capturing videos of all new project sites to allow end users to choose from the comforts of their own homes.

Property BoomInsights Related to the Project

Housing.com- in addition to the exclusive details related to new homes as discussed earlier- also offers individual insights with each projects. These observations are meant to equip the potential buyers with knowledge related to DS Max Signature in Bangalore; or any other new project for that matter. There is information regarding the locality and the builder. And in almost all cases, there is also a price trend map of the locality included.

In Conclusion

House features, project features and locality features can all be explored from home when searching for a new house. This level of reliability of housing.com makes it a boon for prospective investors who now have a world of new properties open in front of them.


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