May 5, 2019 Mary Williams
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Talking about leadership is easy, the difficult thing is to exercise it. And harder still, exercise it well and in an outstanding way. Do you want to know if you have the traits that identify the great leaders?

Here are 7 features you should have if you want to become a leading leader:

1. Security A good leader has to have confidence in himself. Even when things do not look good, a leader has to show confidence that things will turn out well in the end. If you really believe and transmit this feeling to the rest of the team, people will follow you.

2. Empathy. One of the characteristics that people value most in a good leader is the ability to connect with others, the ability to put themselves in the place of the other. Leaders who show empathy, who demonstrate that they understand what happens to each member of their team and who care about them, will always have strong followers.

3. Responsibility Knowing how to get ahead and face the less favorable situations is a very important feature in a leader. Preach by example and account when you should do it and your team members will respond in the same way.

4. Optimism. This is one of the main features of the most effective leaders. Transmit positive energy to your team will fill them with confidence and desire to act.

5. Honesty. Transparency is very necessary at the time that the people who work with you trust you. Honesty and sincerity generate an environment in which your team will work better and with more enthusiasm.

6. Determination. People focused on their objectives, motivated and determined to achieve them are those that go further. Do not go out of the way predetermined and execute the plan established until the end without being distracted is a capacity that not many people possess.

7. Inspiration. The best leaders are those who inspire other people just as they are. Genuine Always sharing his vision on how to build a better company, a better world.

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