5 Psychotherapist Technique to Improve Your Relationship

5 Psychotherapist Technique to Improve Your Relationship
March 4, 2019 Leaders Hub
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There is love, then there is love and then friction, without this meaning that the first two are negated. The relationship of two people to have a healthy path in time needs retreats, understanding and a lot of emotional work from both. Even when routine and everyday life are tired, with honesty and externalization of emotions, a relationship can work smoothly.

According to many psychotherapists, it is very important to have a willingness and understanding – in addition, some tried-and-tested advice will work:

1. Break the Negativity Cycle

Couples who have been together for a long time because of their routine and custom, are more prone to get into the vicious circle of negativity. Stress, fatigue and nerves from a difficult day are factors that cause problems in a relationship. For example, when one of the two turns away from work and is tired, his behavior can be sharp and this leads to sharp comments from the other. Another aspect of negativity is when a woman feels alone in her marriage and her good deeds are not recognized, she reacts with annoying attitudes towards her match.

In these cases, experts advise you to recognize the problem of negativity and identify from what factor it stems. If it comes from work nerves, it would be good for a husband, for example, to go for a ten-minute walk or take a shower when he arrives home so that he can think about his day and not break the nerves in his partner. The same is what the woman needs! What is proposed to couples is to take some time in the day for themselves and to recognize each other’s actions.

2. Say What You Feel

Although there is trust and deep knowledge of the characters in a relationship of years, there are few times when both hide their feelings or do not speak openly about their “needs”. It does not have to happen, but psychotherapists advise couples to have absolute honesty with each other. Express their feelings and thoughts, listen carefully to each other and do not make hasty conclusions.

3. Know it

Growing up is the maturity and sedation in terms of life and lifestyle. This, however, does not mean that needs and desires remain stagnant. On the contrary, they change with the pace that changes and the circumstances, emotional or otherwise. It is almost impossible to have a healthy relationship without knowing it. Everyone has to see and understand himself, first on an individual level and then collectively. Many couples are resting behind “us” and forget that they are two distinct personalities with their own distinct needs.

4. Emotional Support

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It is wonderful to have mutual support in a relationship and at the same time extremely demanding as, several times, the personal needs of one do not keep pace with each other. Yet, if different goals have been set, accepting them will find the golden intersection and the relationship will automatically improve. When you love and respect your man, you also respect what you need to become better. Experts say that couples that support emotionally each other create strong emotional ties, act as a group and their relationship strengthens.

5. Be Sympathetic and Understanding

All couples have down times and disagree in some ways, in most cases, words can also be said to hurt. When this happens, it is important to give priority to how to build a situation and not how to blame each other. It takes an understanding on both sides. When couples approach their relationship with empathy, they can more easily solve the issues that arise. If they do and give weight to being affectionate, then they will bridge the gap and strengthen the relationship.

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