5 Health Hazards You Are Inadvertently Exposing Your Employees To

5 Health Hazards You Are Inadvertently Exposing Your Employees To
June 25, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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Securing a location for your business is the first step to success, but it’s not as simple as it might seem. It’s more than picking a profitable location. You also need to ensure that you’re picking a healthy location. Buildings often serve as breeding grounds for all sorts of health hazards, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up inadvertently exposing your employees to hazards that could have serious consequences on their health.


We’ve all heard about the potential risks associated with having mold in the home, but when it comes to office buildings and other business locations, it is sometimes overlooked. Prolonged exposure to mold can have serious effects on health and well-being.

Full-time employees spend almost as much time at their work location as they do in their own homes. If you want to ensure that your employees stay healthy and ready to work, it is important to have your location inspected to ensure that it is mold free.

Pests Lurking in the Walls and Ceiling

If your building is more than a decade old, rodents and other pests have likely worked their way into the space. Business locations are prime territory for pests because they usually become very quiet at night. Having pests in your building can expose your workers to a variety of respiratory issues. They can also spread illnesses like Hantavirus and Leptospirosis through their urine and droppings (and yes, these illnesses are as serious as they sound). These are some of the many reasons why building and pest inspection is such an essential step in opening a business.


Lead-based paints are notorious for being a health hazard to curious children who may accidentally ingest them, but many people fail to realize that lead poses serious risks for adults as well. If your building was built during a time where lead-based paints were the norm, it’s time for an inspection. Exposure to lead (even if it’s just dust) can lead to problems concentrating, hearing loss, miscarriage, anemia, seizures, and a host of other health issues.

Poor Air Quality

Several things can cause poor air quality, but one of the major causes is poor ventilation. Buildings that are poorly ventilated have been found to have pollutant levels in the air that are up to five times the amount found outdoors. Poor air quality can lead to headaches, rashes, fatigue, and unexplained bouts of nausea.

Untreated Water Damage

Water damage can be sneaky, but even minor leaks can have consequences on health, so it is vital that you take steps to ensure that you’re uncovering any potential issues. When left untreated, water damage can attract bugs and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. It also creates the perfect environment for fungus and other pathogens to create a home. This can produce allergy-like symptoms and in severe cases, cause respiratory infection.

The health hazards mentioned above can easily slide under the radar and go undetected without proper inspection. However, by taking the time to have your location thoroughly examined by professionals that know what to look for, you can avoid the potential health issues and consequences that could arise from those hazards and keep your employees feeling good.

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