4 Ways to Start Using Eco-Friendly Equipment in Your Business Operations

4 Ways to Start Using Eco-Friendly Equipment in Your Business Operations
March 19, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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Are you looking for ways to go green at work? Your business equipment is a natural place to start. Equipment, from small office units to heavy industrial machines, takes up a great deal of resources. By switching to more eco-friendly models, you can reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Start in Your Office Space

One of the easiest places to start using eco-friendly equipment is in your office space. Printers are a great candidate: instead of traditional inkjet models, invest in a ”supertank” printer. These printers feature refillable tanks, so you can reduce waste, save money, and cut down on emissions. Other ways to go green in the office include using LED lights, switching to low-flow toilets, and moving to cloud storage rather than in-office servers.

Manage Your Energy Usage

Cutting down on your energy usage is a big part of creating an eco-friendly business. To start, invest in devices like smart thermostats, which automatically reduce the temperatures in the evenings and on weekends to cut down your utility bills. Have your employees turn off their computers during the weekend to avoid unnecessary energy use. If you’re managing electricity for a large commercial facility, consider using pole mounted transformers to increase your efficiency. When it’s time to buy new equipment, look for energy-efficient models that reduce your usage.

Look for Low-Emission Vehicles

Do you use vehicles or heavy machinery to run your business? Switching to lower-emission options can help you become more eco-friendly. For service vehicles or business cars, consider hybrid or electrical models; they use less fuel and have lower emissions. If you use heavy vehicles, such as dump trucks or front-end loaders, look for companies that advertise “green” machinery. That way, you can cut back on your diesel usage and help cut back on the gases that are emitted into the atmosphere.

Go Green in Your Factory

One of the toughest places to go green is your manufacturing line. To make the most of your finances, it’s best to move slowly. When you’re ready for a new piece of equipment, look to environmentally manufacturers such as General Kinematics. Another option is to move to more efficient processes — by producing products in less time, you can use fewer resources.

Whether you run a small operation or a huge plant, going green is possible. By taking small steps, you can switch to more eco-friendly equipment and create a company that’s better for the environment.

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