4 Steps to Take When Choosing Packaging for Your Product

4 Steps to Take When Choosing Packaging for Your Product
August 10, 2019 Harry Caesar
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So, you’ve got a great product designed and developed and now you’re ready to distribute it to the masses. But, there’s only one major problem – you don’t yet have a nicely designed package for your awesome product to ship out in. Fret not, as many product developers and retail companies make the same mistake of leaving package design until the very last step. Ideally, you should be considering packaging as you are developing the product, but if you’re still clueless on where to start, that’s okay because you should be able to catch up just by taking the following four steps:

1. Understand Your Material Options

The kind of material your product is going to be shipped in is the very first consideration you should make. Generally, corrugated cardboard cases are the industry standard for shipping most products during the shipment phase. However, from an aesthetics perspective, it’s usually wise to also include an inner package that is made out of thinner and more appealing materials. Even if you’re not going to be stacking your product on store shelves because you’re only doing eCommerce sales, it’s still wise to give your customer something nice to look at after they open the external shipping box, which brings us to the next step.

2. Invest in Quality Graphic Design

With every industry experiencing extreme competition these days and products being knocked off and copied at an all-time high, oftentimes, the packaging and the branding is the only thing that sets one company ahead of another. In fact, there have been many cases where product inventors or brands that were first to market with a new product were outdone by competitors who came along and re-branded the product in a more appealing manner.

3. Ensure Adequate Documentation and Support is Included

Including detailed documentation and user manuals with your packaging is a great way to show your customers that you care about their experience and you’re there to provide support. Don’t settle for the poorly worded pamphlet that many OEM manufacturers will send you along with the product. In this step, it’s always best to go down the professional and proprietary route.

4. Base Everything on Solid Product Pictures

Finally, before you rush to pay for the design of a package, be sure that you’re starting with a base of great product pictures. Having a graphic representation of the product on the exterior of the package is always a great look and it helps to provide the affirmation that the buyer is getting exactly what they ordered when they found the product online. If you haven’t yet invested in a product photoshoot, that’s something you’ll want to do before you get in touch with product packing designers.

Packing is Paramount for Positive Perception

Overall, the package that you put your product in could actually wind up making or breaking the growth of your company in the long-term. To keep your competition from outdoing you on the basis of design alone, make sure you take your time with this aspect of your product launch.

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