4 Essential Tips for Franchising a Restaurant Brand

4 Essential Tips for Franchising a Restaurant Brand
October 4, 2019 Harry Caesar
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Any restaurant that is well-received by the local patrons will probably do well on a nationwide basis as well, as people tend to have similar tastes in food all over the place. In fact, the similarity between human culinary tastes is the reason why ethnic and foreign cuisines are able to sell well in virtually every town or city. People like to have a variety of food options, and if you provide another option that is an escape from the ordinary, you could easily wind up having a dining establishment that becomes one of the busiest businesses in your area. If you’ve reached that point and are now considering franchising as a next step, here are four tips you can use to improve the process:

1. Seek the Assistance of a Franchisor Lawyer

Each time you bring a new franchisee on board, you’re entering into a contract with that investor regarding how the revenue and profits will be shared and how responsibilities and liabilities will be delegated. To protect your company from mishaps, it’s always best to avoid taking the DIY approach in this regard and outsource the task of drawing up contracts, disclaimers, agreements, and terms & conditions pages. A franchisor lawyer can help you with this step in a professional manner while also minimizing your personal involvement. 

2. Design a More Professional Menu

Having an ordinary looking menu when your restaurant is just a local spot might be acceptable, but if you really want to be taken seriously as an expanding national chain, you’ll want to invest in top-notch menu design and content. The pictures showing each menu item should be of the highest quality and you should look for ways to make the overall selection more diverse and inviting for a wide range of guests.

3. Invest in a Well-Brand Marketing Campaign

The way your brand is perceived will be crucial for ensuring that your new franchisees get as much attention as possible within their respective markets. It’s best to have a predefined set of steps and techniques that you’ll utilize to generate a core amount of brand awareness of reach location prior to its grand opening. Once that initial wave of momentum is done, most restaurants will continue to grow by word of mouth and local reputation in an organic manner. It’s also wise to advise your franchises to invest in their own marketing efforts to increase their profits, maybe even providing a pamphlet or training video with instructions on how to attract new customers.

Franchising is Only Difficult in the Beginning

While the process might seem complicated and stressful when you’re just starting to become familiar with all of the steps involved, once you’ve successfully partnered with a few franchisees, you’ll find that it will be easy to get into a fairly automated system for adding new franchises to your chain. Furthermore, you’ll only really need to focus on establishing brand awareness of reach location during the first few months, at which point the local clientele will grow naturally.

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